5 Tips for Weight-Loss Management Featured

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5 Tips for Weight-Loss Management

When it comes to weight-loss management, think outside the gym’s four walls! Credit: Andreas Kollmorgen

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Here’s a secret a lot of people don’t tell you: while losing weight can be challenging, keeping it off can be as hard—if not harder. Over time, we can tend to slip back into old familiar not-so-great habits, especially if we went about losing the weight by means that just aren’t sustainable for life like following a restrictive “diet” (say it ain’t so!) or clocking in extra-long sweat sessions. If this sounds at all familiar, here are five tips to help with weight loss management without it feeling like a struggle!

1. Start your day with protein and veggies.Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, as research has shown that those who nosh on a more filling meal with protein and fiber tend to naturally eat less the rest of the day. So eat that healthy, balanced breakfast up. Yum!

2. Watch the sugar.The stuff is addicting and can give you crazy cravings. It’s best to avoid it most of the time—and when you do enjoy it as a treat, do so in moderation and savor every darn bite.

3. Double-time it.Too busy to do cardio and weights? Do them at the same time with a circuit workout where you get your heart rate up with a mix of some strength and cardio moves with no rest in between. It’s a two-fer!

4. Stand up more often than not.By now you have to know that sitting too much is bad for the ol’ waistline, right? Try this easy tip to stand up more to naturally be more likely to keep the weight off!

5. Focus on the positives!You guys probably saw this one coming, right? We’re all about the self-love up in here! So always, always treat yourself like you would your own best friend. Know that you’re more than the number on the scale, and that one missed workout here or overeating episode there doesn’t mean that you’re not awesome. Live a healthy lifestyle each and every day because you’re worth taking care of!

For those of your who have lost weight and kept it off, what would you add to this list? —Jenn

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