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How to Work Off Thanksgiving Calories

If you're worried about devouring a huge Thanksgiving meal and what that will mean to your waistline, have no fear. You can have your cake — I mean pie — and eat it too, you just have to get moving afterward. Check out the calorie amounts for your favorite Thanksgiving foods and find out some ways you can work off those tasty calories.

Food Calorie AmountActivity
6 oz. mulled wine 156 Swimming laps doing the crawl stroke for 16 minutes will burn 158 calories*
4 oz. white turkey meat 153 22 minutes of a friendly game of touch football burns 158 calories
4 oz. dark turkey meat 183 Sneak away for a 20-minute run and burn 189 calories
One cup mashed potatoes 237 Burn 243 calories by walking briskly for one hour
1/4 cup gravy 105 26 minutes of heavy cleaning burns 105 calories.

I'm just getting started so keep reading to see other ways to burn off those Thanksgiving calories.

Food Calorie AmountActivity
1/2 cup sweet potatoes with marshmallows 294 Doing 66 minutes of fast-paced yoga burns 296 calories
One cup stuffing 202 A 23-minute bike ride at a moderate pace will burn 207 calories
1 slice of apple pie 411 Hiking for an hour and four minutes will burn off 413 dessert calories
1 slice of pumpkin pie 316 Turn on some tunes and have a dance party in your living room for just over an hour and burn 317 calories
1 slice of pecan pie 503 If there's snow on the ground where you live, you'll burn 504 calories snowshoeing for an hour and 10 minutes

*Calculations based on a 130-pound woman.

Source: Flickr User Betty Crocker Recipes

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