Tasting the Taste Nirvana: Coconut Water Review

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Tasting the Taste Nirvana: Coconut Water ReviewWe’ve admitted here on Fit Bottomed Girls that coconut water might be considered a bit of an acquired taste (and some of us haven’t acquired it at all). Because of all that, I’d held off on trying it for a little longer than your typical FBG. I was the kid who had to be force-fed cold medicine when I was sick because I couldn’t make myself drink something I didn’t like, and, well, I was really worried I wouldn’t like coconut water. But I knew I really needed to give it a shot. But oh, I didn’t want to.

Then Taste Nirvana contacted me and asked if I’d like to give their coconut water a try, and I thought, no better time than the present, right? And they offered three varieties (regular, with pulp and with aloe), so I figured I had three opportunities to love it.

Taste Nirvana prides itself on its “real” products. The coconut water is all natural with no preservatives and is not from concentrate. It packs 600 milligrams of potassium in a bottle and, according to the website, comes to you “exactly the way you would get them at the source, from the beaches of Samui Island to Coconut Water with Aloe from the resorts of Hua Hin.” I was definitely intrigued.

I first tried the Real Coconut Water (no aloe, no pulp) after a tough early morning swim over the summer. On the first sip, I understood why not everyone was a fan of coconut water, but you know what? I liked it. A lot. I drank the rest down on my way home and really enjoyed the light, natural sweetness paired with just a slight salty flavor. It wasn’t thick, it wasn’t sticky, it was just a nice refreshing beverage that happened to be good for me.

Next up was the pulp, which I loved, too. Then again, I buy the “most pulp” version of my orange juice and end up chewing through half my glass. Still, if you like pulp at all, this is a delicious option. If you don’t like pulp, well…you can figure this one out for yourself, I think.

The last sample was Real Coconut Water With Aloe. I didn’t drink it right before or after the others to do a proper taste test, but it was very similar—at least, nothing was so different that it made me enjoy it any more or less than the others, which I think is probably all I really needed to know. In addition to having aloe vera mixed in, there are also two grams of fiber added to this version, which could be a big plus for some of you.

These range from 50 to 75 calories per serving and have just nine grams of sugar. I have to say, my Taste Nirvana experience turned me into a coconut-water drinker!

In case you didn’t weigh in last week, tell us now—how do you feel about coconut water? And have you ever tried Taste Nirvana? —Kristen

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