How Erin’s Healthy Goals of 2012 Are Going: There’s Still Time! Featured

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November 16, 2012 by Erin  

gym workouts

Hitting the gym more often than not lately. Credit: justthismoment

At the beginning of the year, each FBG shared her healthy goals for 2012. With a new New Year sneaking up on us, we thought it only fair to see how those previously set goals were going for us in this Question of the Week! After all, goals only work if you measure ‘em!

Life has changed a lot since I set my goals for 2012. Adding a second child to the already hectic mix has meant a lot more juggling in my life. And frankly, I couldn’t even remember what my goals were for 2012, let alone if I’d met them (not a good sign). So this little exercise in revisiting them was good for me!

1. Make time for three workouts each week.Check! I’ve joined a gym, and while I can’t say that I make time for three workouts every single week, I do my best. I’ve had to take minor injury breaks, dealt with natural disasters and adjusted my expectations of workouts a bit as interruptions are a given. But I’ve also run a 10K, a 5K and have lost all of the baby weight, so I’m not doing too bad. Plus, the days I don’t do a “real workout”…well, trust me, chasing a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old is a workout in itself.

 2. Nix the sugar for a week.I successfully cut down on sugar for a week. And after one crazed day, it wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately, I know I still have a bit of a sweet tooth, so maybe my goal should have been a little longer.

 3. Cut down on technology.Fail. Fail, fail, fail. Not only did I fail to break the addiction to the BlackBerry, but I got a new phone that only got me more hooked. And an iPad. Yikes. What can I say, Words with Friends engages me when Sesame Street is on, and it spiraled out of control. But I do feel like I hit rock bottom recently, so I’ve actually been making a concerted effort to be more present and to do less staring at my phone. Just in time!

4. Spread the Fit Bottomed Mamas love. Spreading! I’m still so proud of what we’re doing over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, just like I’m proud of FBG! But this goal reminds me that my goals need to be SMARTer.

So I guess I’ve done fairly well with my goals, but my new goal for next time? Set better goals! I took it easy on myself because I knew this year would be chaotic for me, so next set of goals? It’s on!

Have you failed any of your goals miserably? Are you addicted to Words with Friends, too? —Erin

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