Catering: What Does a Fit Bottomed Bride Do?! Featured

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November 14, 2012 by Tish  

Catering: What Does a Fit Bottomed Bride Do?!

To provide the treats or not to provide the treats? That is the question.
Credit by: Sylvar

From the moment folks found out I was getting hitched, all I’ve heard is, “Remember, it’s YOUR day.” The funny thing is, I think women stress this because they’re trying to convince themselves and the world that it’s true when in reality it’s a little bit yours and a lot of your friends and family. They may not be choosing the dress and flowers, but you’ll definitely feel the social pinches when it’s time to decide on a guest list and—gasp!—the caterer (the hardest and probably most expensive part of all wedding planning).

I’ve been asking every married lady and her dog (only if said dog was in the wedding party, though) how she decided on the food. Eighty percent of those polled (because I’m official like that) told me that they served what they thought the majority of people would dig. So what if you’re a vegetarian?! Do you serve meat to be nice to your guests? Are you pushing veggie-loving lifestyle on others by serving Tofurkey or are you just really making it about you that day? Is that wrong? One woman I asked is vegan, but served deer and other wild game because of where she grew up. I swear images of her fainting every time she passed by the meat kept popping up in my head while she was telling me the story.

So here’s my deal. I have NO clue what’s happening with my body, but I’ve had to eliminate pretty much everything yummy from my diet. No sugar, no alcohol, no fun. I don’t know how long this will go on, but it’s gonna be a major pain in my faintly fit bottom if everyone’s sipping on signature cocktails while eating heavenly desserts in front of me and my celery plate.

Ladies, I need your help! What would you do? Are you on the Destiny’s Child side (“Cater 2 U“)? or are you singing “It’s My Party“? Hungry minds want to know. —Tish

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