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October 26, 2012 by Tish  

Tish’s 3 Favorite Splurges: Get in My Belly!

Yep, pizza is on the list! Credit By: Elizabeth/Table4Five

For this new edition of Question of the Week each FBG is talking about indulgences. You know, our three all-time favorite ways to splurge and really live the FBG motto, “All good things in moderation!” Read each FBG’s top three here

Because my body is the most sensitive nitwit on the face of the planet (or at least to me!) lots of foods you normally wouldn’t assume are ‘splurgy’ make my list. I’m lactose intolerant AND suffer from an annoying newly found case of acid reflux, so stuff like onions and salsa, tomatoes and citric fruits have been removed from my day-to-day grub list. Did I mention I don’t like my tummy’s recent wimpiness?

So splurges have become a serious endeavor in my life. If I’m going to do the dirty, I have to properly prepare myself for all the stinkin’ pain. That being said, I give you all a list of the foods I will risk a day of moans and groans for…occasionally.

1. Pizza! I’m surprised people still ask me what I’m in the mood for when a group of us are all trying to figure out what to eat. Um…give me pizza or give me death! I don’t care that there’s über amounts of yummy cheese, tomato sauce and probably a host of other naughty foods that will make my stomach scream, “Why Tish?! Whyyyyyyyy?!” I.JUST.LOVE.THAT.ISH. The topping possibilities…Pizza was invented by the gods. And that’s all I have to say about that.

2. Bourbon cocktails. I make these killer bourbon cocktails that consist of honey simple syrup, lemon simple syrup, ginger, apple cider and bitters, and I can knock that ish DOWN. The hard liquor and sugar levels aren’t the best I could do, but I care not. I realize it’s a liver’s worst nightmare, but I forget all that when I’m sipping my kidult beverage with friends. It’s the cure to the common cocktail.

3. Burger and fries. I’m with Jenn on the dynamic duo belonging together! I like to think of myself as a burger/fry aficionado. I gravitate toward big messy burgers with that secret sauce (which is always just a mixture of all the condiments slopped together…who are we kidding?!). I love big burgers with all the fixings. Give me onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato! As for the fries…the thick and fat ones are my favorite. Recently I visited Canada and tried the popular Canadian chain Japadog where I was introduced to THE best fry seasoning, Aonori. Imagine a fry that tastes like those roasted seaweed sheets. I’m drooling just thinking about ‘em.

My stomach started hurting just thinking about those dream foods. Some things in life just aren’t fair. What are a few of your favorite splurges? Do you also suffer from nitwit-stomach syndrome and have to limit your splurges to really, REALLY special occasions, too?  —Tish

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