Jenn’s 3 Favorite Splurges: A Little Bit of Everything Featured

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October 12, 2012 by Jenn  


Jenn’s 3 Favorite Splurges: A Little Bit of Everything

Just how I like mine, with salt! Credit: mnapoleon

For this new edition of Question of the Week each FBG is talking about indulgences. You know, our three all-time favorite ways to splurge and really live the FBG motto, “All good things in moderation!” Read each FBG’s top three here. 

Okay, so this question is a toughie for me. Not because I can’t think of any. Nope. I have about a million splurges that I love to indulge in. But it’s just that those indulgences might be ones that make you roll your eyes. See, I’m one of those annoying people who consider even some healthy foods to be a “splurge.” While roasted Brussels sprouts on a Wednesday night is a normal tasty part of dinner, if I have roasted Brussels sprouts with a balsalmic reduction and a little fresh Parmesan cheese grated on top, it is a splurge. And a really awesome one at that.

But, I don’t think ya’ll care to read about that, do you? How kale chips really make me happy inside? Or how awesome frozen bananas taste as dessert? I’m guessing you’d rather learn about the really, really unhealthy stuff that gets my fit bottom twitching in delight. Am I right, or am I right? Let’s go with I’m right…

So, in the spirit of all good things in moderation (and us being totally human), here are the top three ways I splurge and enjoy every single delicious bite (and I’m leaving red wine and chocolate off the list because they’re far too much of a mainstay in my diet to even be considered a splurge—plus, they have health perks!)…

1. Tiramisu. If I could only have one dessert for the rest of my life, this would be it. Creamy, rich, chocolaty and with espresso (seriously, everything I love in one treat), it’s the one thing I’m always tempted to order when a server presents dessert options. I almost always get it on my birthday and usually a few other times a year. And I slowly savor each bite. I’m sure there are healthier and low-fat ways to make it at home, but when it comes to tiramisu, I want the real, thick real deal. End of story.

2. Margaritas. Every couple of months, Ryan and I hit one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town, and they have damn good margaritas. Now, I know margaritas are about the worst thing you can drink. I’ve seen the nutritional facts—the calories, sugar, sodium and carbs are ridic. But you know what, I don’t care. When I have Mexican food, I’m ordering a big ol’ taco salad, and I’m splitting a pitcher (on the rocks, yes on the salt). And it’s totally awesome. Go ahead and pass the chips and salsa, too…

3. A big ol’ burger and salty fries. (Does this count as two? I think not. Burgers and fries go together like peas and carrots…) Sometimes I get a big ol’ hankering for a juicy burger and some salty seasoned fries. And not your fast-food type burger. I want a restaurant-quality one with mushrooms and sauteed onions and, oh my goodness, are those curly fries?! Yep, that’s an awesome splurge in my book.

And now I’ve gone and made myself hungry. Sheesh. What are a few of your favorite splurges? Do any of mine make your list? Time to dish! —Jenn

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