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October 6, 2012 by Erin  


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You guys know how I hit up Atlantic City with the family so I could attend a few events at the Sweat AC fitness festival recently, right? Well, in addition to working out with Jillian Michaels and her kicking my rear and, well, entire body, I also had the opportunity to attend roundtable interviews with some of the big names at the event, including The Today Show’s nutrition and diet expert, Joy Bauer. Love her!

Joy walked into the room picture perfect and fresh as a daisy. I only point this out because most of the media (myself included) had been attending workout sessions in the hours before the Q&A, so we were all in workout clothes and pretty much not so fresh as daisies. The contrast struck me as quite funny. Joy was about as sweet as you would imagine. Her session was only 15 minutes, and I think most of us wished she could have chatted for an hour! Here are just a few of the fun tidbits from her time with us.

1. Balanced breakfast. She starts her days with Greek yogurt, fruit and black coffee.

2. Salad lover. A self-professed “big salad girl,” she said she could have balsamic vinegar straight. (Another reason we love her.)

3. The 90/10 Rule. Joy describes her diet as 90/10, saying that 100 percent healthy is overrated and that’s coming from a “total health freak.” She digs the red wine and chocolate in her 10 percent. Our kind of girl!

Click here to keep reading for more of Joy Bauer’s healthy nutrition tips…

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