Boost Your Metabolism With This SpeedX Workout Featured

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October 3, 2012 by Jenn  

Boost Your Metabolism With This SpeedX Workout

Tuck Jumps…SpeedX isn’t playing with this workout.

Remember back when Tish and her fiancé Mark (congrats, you two love birds!) checked out BRICK CrossFit, aka Bob Harper’s gym? Well, the peeps at BRICK are at it again—this time with SpeedX, a spin-off of CrossFit. The high-energy 60-minute class blends a fast-paced cardio workout with high-interval strength training. But just in case you can’t get to BRICK to try the new class yourself, they designed a workout just for us that you can do at home! Whee!

What you need: Grab a heavier set of dumbbells (10- to 20-pounds should do ya), a towel, some water, a mat, some rockin’ good tunes and a whole lot of positive energy.

How it works:Each station consists of two movements. Perform movement A for one minute doing as many reps as possible, then immediately perform movement B for one minute, doing as many reps as possible, then immediately perform movement A once again for one minute. Rest for 10 seconds then move on to the next station. Repeat the full circuit once for a 15-minute workout, twice for a 30-minute workout, three times for a 45-minute workout or four times for a killer 60-minute full-body workout.

For best results:Do this SpeedX workout two to three times a week on non-consecutive days. Eat balanced and clean to give you the energy to get through it and recovery properly.

The BRICK SpeedX Stations

Station 1
A: Pistols (single leg squats)
B: Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press
10 Second Rest

Station 2
A: Lateral Burpees
B: Mountain Climber Push-Ups
10 Second Rest

Station 3
A: Dumbbell Thrusters
B: Wall Walks
10 Second Rest

Station 4
A: Hollow Rocks
B: Jumping Lunges
10 Second Rest

Station 5
A: Dumbbell Russian Twists
B: 90-Degree Tuck Jumps
10 Second Rest

The BRICK SpeedX Moves

Pistols: Begin with feet shoulder distance apart. Extend your right leg as you balance on your left and go down into a squat. Bring your chest down onto your left quadracep to maintain balance. Drive your heel into the ground as you come to full standing position. Switch feet. You can also hold onto a countertop for assistance if needed.

Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press: Begin with your dumbbells in the rack position (with the heads of the dumbbells resting on your shoulders and your triceps parallel to the ground). Dip slightly in the knees to recruit your core muscles and press the dumbbell in your right hand directly overhead; keep your left dumbbell in the rack position. Do five reps on your right side, then five on your left. Keep switching

Lateral Burpees: Starting in a standing position, reach your hands down in front of your feet and simultaneously kick your feet out behind you, landing chest to the ground. Immediately bring your feet back to their starting position, come to standing, and jump laterally over your dumbbell.

Mountain Climber Push-Ups: Beginning in a plank position with your hands underneath your elbows, which are underneath your shoulders, bring your chest all the way to the ground keeping your toes on the ground and your quads off of the ground. Ensure full range of motion, touching your chest to the ground then push your body back up to the plank position, locking out your elbows. Then perform four mountain climbers. Bring your right foot to the outside of your right hand and drop your hips down to the ground. Bring your right foot back to where it started in the plank and simultaneously bring your left foot to the outside of your left hand and once again drop your hips down.

Dumbbell Thrusters: Begin with feet shoulder distance apart and dumbbells in the rack position. Maintain the rack position and squat down. Drive your heels into the ground as you come up out of the squat and press the weight directly overhead. As you bring the weight back down to your shoulders, simultaneously go down into your next rep.

Wall Walks: Begin in a plank position with feet close to the wall. Perform a push-up, then begin to walk your feet up the wall into a handstand. Touch your stomach to the wall and then walk down the wall.

Hollow Rocks: Begin by lying on your back. Extend your arms straight behind you with your biceps touching your ears. Extend your legs straight in front with toes pointed. Remaining tight in the stomach, maintain this positioning as you create a rocking motion with your body like a rocking chair. Keep feet off of the ground at all times.

Jumping Lunges: Begin in a standing position and then take a large step forward so your right knee is directly above your right ankle. As you begin to step back with your right foot, send your left foot forward into a lunge. As you switch your feet include a jump so that your feet simultaneously leave the ground.

Dumbbell Russian Twists: Sit on the ground holding onto one dumbbell. Elevate your feet off of the ground and twist side to side so the dumbbell touches the ground.

90-Degree Tuck Jumps: Begin with your feet underneath your hips. Jump as high as you can into the air. As you spring off of the ground, bring your knees up into your chest and rotate in the air 90 degrees.

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