SBS: A Frank Discussion About Skinny Bride Syndrome Featured

Authors: fitbottomedgirls

October 3, 2012 by Tish  

SBS: A Frank Discussion About Skinny Bride Syndrome

Be healthy, brides! Not hangry! Credit: …love Maegan

Two Sundays ago, I attended my first (and probably only) bridal expo. Yes, it was full of bridezillas…I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was the INSANE amount of weight-loss booths there. I was even more shocked at the amount of women crowding around those booths.

I found a booth with a big sign that read “Free chia seeds!” so I skipped happily over, expecting to find a health nut like myself. Instead, the man behind the chia was boasting of the seed’s power to make brides feel full and eat less. No talk of their nutritional value or how they can make you healthy. Hmph (#fail). I couldn’t help but be snarky to the fella. I schooled him and the women crowding around us on the other health benefits of that glorious seed and moved along. (I took some packs, but just because I love the energy boost they give my morning smoothies!)

The bride body bash is nothing new. We’ve all watched a wedding show that featured some gal buying a dress two sizes too small with the promise she would lose the weight before the wedding. I am here to say that I am not and will not be one of those silly women. Come on, engaged ones! Shake that negative craziness out! Yes, it’s perfectly okay and normal to want to feel great and look beautiful on your day, but be careful assigning a size to your definition of beauty.

My fiance (“the trainer” and Fit Bottomed Dude) loves to tell me about the “bootcamp brides” he encounters at work. These are the women who go into beast mode when they get engaged. They’re wearing sweats on the treadmill, desperately trying to lose those extra pounds. They’re taking class after class and boasting of dangerous diets like the tapeworm one. (I swear I’d have to slap someone twice if they ever bragged about swallowing a parasite to get “skinny”!)

I will continue working out and eating healthy, and I’m okay with finding a dress that fits me NOW instead of a promised three-sizes-smaller later. I don’t know how we as women will stop perpetuating such a horrible mindset, but I for one am gonna rock a Fit-Bottomed-Bride mentality this year while planning the big day. So please don’t ask me if I plan to lose weight for my wedding. I’ll look at you crazy.

I can’t be the only one beating my head against the wall. Have you ever encountered this type of bride? Did you fall prey to the pressure? I’d love to hear your sentiments on Skinny Bride Syndrome! —Tish


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