Will Millennials Make the Food Supply Healthier?

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLoss Were you born between 1982 and 2001? If so, you’re a "Millennial," and according to a new report, your generation’s influence may just transform the food landscape for all of us. While Millennials prefer less expensive food and they want it to be convenient, they’re willing to pay more for fresh, healthy food. This ge ...

Read Labels, Stay Slim

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLoss When you walk the aisles of the supermarket, do you grab packages and toss them into your cart, or do you stop to turn a product over and read the label? According to a new study, the latter may help you fend off weight gain. After collecting information from 25,000 men and women to see who checked nutrition ...

Train Your Brain to Make Healthy Choices

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLoss We make dozens of food decisions each day, including if to eat, what to reach for, and when to stop. Now a new study sheds some light on just how our brains help us make those choices, and the results can help you transform your relationship with food for good. Scientists at the California Institute of Technology ...

Is Your College Degree Making You Fat?

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLoss Earning a college degree is an amazing accomplishment, but according to a new study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, you may need to order your graduation gown a size up. While dozens of studies have investigated the so-called "freshman 15," this is the first to track changes in ...
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