Should You Try the Starbucks Diet?

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLoss I love Starbucks coffee, but I wouldn’t recommend eating there exclusively (or at Taco Bell, Subway, or any single restaurant) as a savvy weight-loss strategy. As you may have seen in the news, that’s exactly what one Virginia woman did, and while she lost 85 pounds in two years, you don’t need to limit your meals to ...

Healthy Homemade Sauce with Turkey Sausage

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLossDiary Now that my boyfriend and I live together, we've found a shared passion for cooking. We love to search the Internet for various recipes and then add, remove, or change ingredients to cater to our palate—and our diet. We also have been trying to make our own homemade sauces instead of relying on jarred, which o ...

Build a Hearty Salad in 3 Minutes

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLossDiary Last week my coworker mentioned that she would like to incorporate more salads into her diet, but she says she doesn’t have a lot of time before work to make one. Since I’ve been making salads almost every day, I shared my tips for a quick salad on the move and have seen her with one almost every day since! Here ...

What I Did After Eating a Bag of M&M’s

Authors: shapedotCom WeightLossDiary I’ve struggled with a few slip-ups lately with my diet, especially since it’s the end of summer and there have been more gatherings and social events to attend. While I try to follow my healthy eating plan daily, there are definitely times that I fall prey to late-night cravings and other mishaps. Recently, after ...
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