Cracked Black Pepper Rice

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed This dish has been a staple rice dish in my kitchen as it is easy to prepare and appeals to a wide variety of tastes. It is best served chilled or at room temperature, so if you are making a more complex meal, you can make it up ahead of time. The process is rather unique, as you use a large quantity of water for a...

Black-Eyed Pea Salad with Indian Spices

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed With sweltering weather hitting much of the Western hemisphere, more salads are served up on kitchen and patio tables. Spice it up is my motto, and so I was inspired to make an earthy Indian-style black-eyed pea salad with a hot, tart and tangy seasoning that required very little prep and cooking time. While the peas...

Paneer and Pea Curry Smothered in a Cashew Tomato Gravy

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed Since I started cooking Indian food some 20 years ago, shortly after becoming a vegetarian, paneer curries were one of my most delightful discoveries. Whenever I acquire a new cookbook or when I browse through talented bloggers offerings, paneer dishes usually end up bookmarked for future reference. One reason that I...

Toor Dal Soup with Sweet Potato, Dried Apricots and Coconut Milk

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed This is not the first time I have used dried apricots in a soup and surely it won't be the last. Here Indian spicing comes together with earthy dals, sweet dried apricots and sweet potato tempered by refreshing coconut milk. Yes, soup is more of a winter meal for most of us, but I adore soup anytime of year and...

Rich Pork and Red Wine Ragu

Authors: gratinee blog by Darina on June 19, 2013 A rich, thick, and meaty tomato sauce may not be entirely appropriate this time of year (unless you happen to live in Australia) but I’ve been wanting to post this for weeks. Personally, I can eat this stuff by the spoonful day or night, summer or winter. It’s that good. I came up with this playing ...
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