Greek salad with lemon and oregano

Authors: smitten kitchen We make Greek salads a whole lot around here, in part because we are feta junkies, and in part because while my 3 year-old hasn’t exactly taken to the whole mixed-baby-greens-with-a-light-vinaigrette yet, he will usually....

Classic Greek Salad Revisited

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed I've been making my own Greek salad for years. The ones I have tried from most restaurants rarely satisfy. There is just no comparison to homemade versions. First, you typically only get about 4 olives, the feta is not good quality and tends to be overly salty and the vegetables are not as fresh as I would like, nor...
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Chicken Arrabbiata

This can be served over pasta or rice – anything to soak up that won...

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