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Authors: Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles - Maturity dates of Ibn al-Qayyim in his book "Zad Al-Ma'ad", stating that the dates are ripe to strengthen the stomach cool and refreshing the body. Dates to strengthen the kidneys and gastrointestinal smooth, and eat at breakfast time to kill the caterpillars. Ibn Al-Qayyim also said that the Prophet break the fast with dates raw or cooked dates.

Maturity dates can calm nerves, relieve tension, anxiety, pressure sores on the stomach, is useful for the liver, jaundice, dry skin, cracked lips, rich in phosphorus content which helps strengthen bones and teeth, selelozy contain fiber, helping to strengthen and facilitate the process stomach and intestines, softening naturally contain vitamin A, helps strengthen the nerves and have an influence for thyroid disease, are also useful for patients with cough, expectoration of mucus, inflammation of the airways, lungs clean and clear skin.

Dates have a large variety of health benefits is as follows:

  • Helps joints and strengthens the body of the uterus during childbirth.
  • A source of energy because they contain high levels of sugar.
  • Helps cure blurred vision at night because they contain vitamin A.
  • Help calm the shock and anxiety. 
  • Helps strengthen joints because they contain vitamin B.
  • Helps stimulate the appetite.
  • Useful for the treatment of anemia because it contains high levels of iron.
  • Modern research confirms the importance of dates and health benefits.
  • Foods experts say dates are nutritious foods, drugs, healthy and healing.

Other benefits of dates:

  • Do not carry bacteria and germs and even insects are found in the old palm engulfed by an amoeba (single celled animals that are very small) and destroy the bacteria that afflicts humans.
  • Palm pollen grains female infertility cure.
  • Did you know that palm fiber prevents skin diseases to humans?
  • Dates are very rich in calories. One dates sufficient to maintain endurance and vitality to work in a day.
  • Dates treat anemia because it contains elements of iron and protein-protein light, easy digestion and contains vitamins A, B and C, biotin and ripoplatin and so forth.
  • Dates help and strengthen uterine contractions during childbirth because they contain hormones that have the privilege of setting vitocin pain of contractions during childbirth.
  • Dates have antibiotics to prevent inflammatory and anti-rheumatic.
  • Do you know that dates hard to keep bowel cancer and prevent constipation?
  • Dates are commonly referred to as "freezing" because it contains elements of copper, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, sulfate (sulfuric acid salt), and chlorine (chlorine; colorless oily liquid)
  • Dates are also relieve blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Dates also have a good effect to eradicate the remnants of toxins caused by assimilation (digestion of food) in the body.

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