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Authors: Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles - Who does not know chocolate? Chocolate is a food that is delicious, as well has many benefits for our bodies. One of which is to protect the brain from stroke.

Recent study involving more than 37,000 Swedish men showed that those who frequently ate chocolate had a lower risk of stroke. Besides, was able nourish the heart chocolate. Although it has many benefits, it still is not advisable to consume chocolate excessively.

Prof Susanna C. Larsson, one of the researchers from the Karolinska Institute said the protective effect of chocolate come from flavonoids in chocolate. "Flavonoids protect against cardiovascular disease because they contain antioxidants, anti-clogging, and anti-inflammatory," she said.

In addition, flavonoids contained in chocolate also reduce cholesterol in the blood and reducing blood pressure.

"Previous studies have shown that chocolate consumption reduced the risk of stroke when eaten in moderate amount," says Dr Clare Walton from the UK Stroke Association.

The doctors also confirmed that eating chocolate cannot replace the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet run.

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