What I’m Working On: Framework Magazine Featured

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by Darina on August 16, 2012

What I’m Working On: Framework Magazine

I recently put together some recipes and shots for a feature in the online lifestyle magazine Framework and thought I’d share a couple of shots. These aren’t the photos that will appear in the mag but I took them during the shoot. It was hard to figure out which ones I wanted to submit. Out of the several pictures that I did send in, I’m not sure which ones will be used. I’m looking forward to the surprise. Although I’m a reformed magazine shopper (sort of–I’m maintaining two subscriptions to foodie publications at the moment but I no longer go out and buy fashion magazines every month) I never thought I’d get into the online magazine thing; I like to hold my reading material in my hands. But it makes so much sense from an environmental perspective and I have been trying to declutter my place and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.

The production values of Framework are high and I love the lifestyle articles and style tips. Not only that, but the editorial offices are based in my hometown of Vancouver.

My feature is coming up in the September so I’ll post a link once it’s up. In the meantime, anyone care to guess what the theme might be?
What I’m Working On: Framework Magazine
What I’m Working On: Framework Magazine

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