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The spring fashion trends for fitness are so hot this year, I might even call them haute. (Bad pun Saturday, welcome to my life.) Not that I know anything about fashion – I’m a girl who owns three sports bras with sleeves, no lie – but I do know what I like to workout in, having spent half of my adult life in a gym. (I would say half of my whole life but I don’t want to remember all those years of gymnastics leos with my bike shorts yanked up over the top until I had a massive wedgie and then rolled down to my hips because muffin top + camel toe = twice the awesome. Guess I was just preparing myself for the coming era of super-tight, low-rise jeans?). Seriously though, I”m loving where fitness trends are going.

In the past there has been fitness gym clothing (generally really tight and spandex-y) and outdoor fitness clothing (generally really baggy and accessorized with socks-n-sandals). While they were both functional in their own way, lately there’s been an effort to take the functional benefits of indoor gym clothing outdoors (fleece-lined leggings? LOVE them this winter). For instance, Lucy now makes a gear line specifically for people who run outdoor races or do triathlons, complete with singlets with precut holes for pinning race bibs and a tear-away skirt for switching from bike to run. And who hasn’t seen a pair of Nike tempo track shorts on the trail (and in the mall and in the grocery story and on the bus and…)?

And now, thanks to innovative brands like Roxy and Merrell, they’re bringing the technical and comfort benefits of outdoor fitness clothing into the gym. I recently got to try out Merrell’s new line and while it’s still pretty small, the pieces are functional and cute for wherever your workout takes you. If you’ve never heard of Merrell, they’ve long been known for their great hiking clothing and shoes and now they’ve got a running line as well. They’re also the makers of some of the highest-rated minimalist shoes.

Because I loved this Thelon Tank top so much, I got them to agree to give one of you one as well!

photo 1

I love tops with fun, intricate backs! (Probably because the only place I reliably have obvious muscle definition is my upper back. See it?? It’s okay if you need to squint. See the two little dimples? Okay squint harder.)

photo 2

Plus, it’s super flattering. I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it.

photo 4And it inspires me to strike completely dorky poses like this one. (Seriously I do NOT know how to pose for a picture. Although Gym Buddy (and amazing photog) Allison is fab at making me look as good as I possibly can. I asked her how I should pose and she just sighed and answered “Just do what you’re going to do and I’ll try to find the best angle.” So I decided to spare you all my usual poses of lifting my leg in some way. You’re welcome.)

But I’ve also got a Merrell OUTFIT to give away to one of you:


Note: I’m giving away the outfit they sent to me. (Not because I don’t love it – it’s adorable! But because I simply have so much stuff right now. I know, good problems! And I figured one of you would give it more love than I could!) So, all pieces are a size small. (Albeit a small that tends to run a little big).

And here’s the awesome tear-away Lucy Pack-n-Dash Triathlon skirt I mentioned as well! Seeing as I don’t do tris (I know, I know, I should – I just hate swimming SO MUCH), I didn’t want all of its genius to be wasted on me. Again, this one’s a size small.


To enter the giveaway:

Leave me a comment here about whether you’re more an indoor or outdoor exerciser and check out Merrell’s site and tell me which color of the Thelon Tank you’d like if you win it! (With this tank you can pick your own size/color).

To win the other clothes:

Leave me a comment as to which item you’d like (Merrell outfit or Lucy skort). And just remember that you’d get the size and colors in the above pics. Also, since I”m paying for shipping you gotta be in the US. Sorry – I have 4 little kids to feed:(

Giveaway ends in one week, on March 9, 2013 at midnight.


Written with love by Charlotte Hilton Andersen for The Great Fitness Experiment (c) 2011. If you enjoyed this, please check out my new book The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying EverythingWhen Outdoor Clothing Comes In [Clothing Giveaway!] for more of my crazy antics and uncomfortable over-shares!

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