Have 79 Cents? You Can Get a Killer Workout! Featured

Have 79 Cents? You Can Get a Killer Workout!

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Have you ever thought that you don't have enough time or money to get in shape? Well, kick those excuses to the curb! Kurt Hester, TD1 national director of performance and trainer of NFL stars such as Tim Tebow, Michael Oher, and Reggie Bush, has designed an at-home workout you can do using...(drumroll, please)...two water jugs!

Hester came up with the idea for this super-cheap workout while on vacation without access to a gym. He realized he didn't have any equipment, but he did have two empty water jugs from trying to stay hydrated at the beach. 

"I filled them with water and experimented with various exercises in a vertical-set fashion. By the third workout, I settled on this set of exercises," Hester says. "The total cost of the two gallons of water I needed for the workout was a whopping 79 cents. Can’t get more affordable then that!"

Although Hester created the workout while he was traveling, it's also ideal for people who juggle busy schedules between work and family and don't have the time to get to the gym. Once filled with water, each jug weighs about 10 pounds. If that's not heavy enough, you can fill them up with sand for 20-plus pound weights.

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"This workout is great because not only can you perform it in the comfort of your own home, but also it’s affordable and fits anyone’s budget," he says. "Just like kettlebells and dumbbells, you have a multitude of exercises to choose from because it is so simplistic."

How it works: Do 10 reps of each of the following moves back to back. Rest for two to three minutes, and then repeat the whole thing again for a total of four to five full circuits. Looking for a challenge? Add quick bursts of cardio exercises, such as jumping rope, burpees, or jumping jacks, after each exercise. This will get your heart rate up, intensifying the workout as well as your caloric expenditure, Hester says.  Talk about killer!

Click on each move to see a demonstration.

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