Booty Blast: 6 Moves to Lift Your Bottom Up Featured

Booty Blast: 6 Moves to Lift Your Bottom Up

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This express booty blast consists of six tush-targeted exercises to slim, tone, and lift your bottom up! Whether you're body is shaped like an apple, a pear, or you're simply trying to find where your gluteus maximus is hiding this butt workout can be a highly effective part of your daily routine. The butt routine below asks your muscles to fire at an intense pace for short bursts while focusing on training your hips from all 360 degrees. In fact, your hip is a ball and socket joint that needs to trained through its full range of motion. If you’re able to do that, you’re sure to see results.

* Perform as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds
* There is no rest in between each exercise. If performing more than one cycle, rest 60 seconds before repeating
* Perform one to three cycles of this workout

1. Karate kicks: This move takes squats to the max. Begin with your feet slightly further than shoulder width apart, hands placed in a fist position resting directly under your chin. Next, descend into a deep squat position. As soon you hit lowest point, drive your left knee to navel and quickly shoot your leg out to the left performing a side kick keeping your right leg stable. Return to the starting position and repeat as many times as possible, alternating between your left and right leg. When first performing this butt exercise, start with a low kick height and progress higher as you gain greater confidence and control. 
Coaches tip: To ensure proper position and avoid leaning forward, be sure to keep your chin parallel to the ground. 

2. Quick feet: Standing in an upright position, step backward with your right foot approximately three feet from your left in a traditional lunge position with hands on hips. Next, in one explosive movement, jump both feet to the left while staying in the lunge position. Upon landing, jump back to your right. Repeat back and forth as many times as possible for 30 seconds. 
Coaches tip: Pretend that you are on hot coals when performing this butt exercise. The goal of this move is to spend the least amount of time on the ground and to perform as many repetitions as possible. 

3. Dipsticks: Balance is the key here! Begin standing tall on your left leg while your right knee is raised even with your navel. Extend arms out to the side with chin parallel to the ground. Next, bend your left knee so your hips descend as low as possible towards the floor. Retract and repeat as many time as possible in 30 seconds. Repeat on the right leg. 
Coaches tip: Pretend that you are sitting slowly onto a chair. This will help ensure that your supporting knee will not extend too far over your toes placing unwanted stress on your patella tendon. 

4. Popsicles: This move melts away the fat! Again, stand tall on your left leg while your right knee is raised even with your navel arms extended overhead. In one swift motion lower your hands towards your left foot as your upper torso bends forward at the hips. Your right leg will extend back under your body until it is fully stright behind you. Upon reaching your left foot, your body will appear as if it is a 90 degree angle. Retract slowly to the starting position without letting your right foot hit the ground. Repeat as many times as possible in 30 seconds. Repeat standing your right foot. 
Coaches tip: Beginners can ease into this move by reaching for the supporting knee rather than the foot. As you become more confident with this butt exercise you can start reaching fully towards the supporting foot.

5. Half moons: Get ready to sweat!  Begin with your feet slightly further than shoulder width apart, hands resting on your hips. Lower into a full squat position. Then, in one swift explosive movement as you begin to return to your starting position, twist and jump 180 degrees towards your right so you are now facing toward the back. Upon landing, lower back into full squat position immediately rising and twist jumping back to the left. Repeat as many times as possible in 30 seconds. 
Coaches tip: If you find yourself hunching forward, stand tall and think of forming the letter "J" with your back. With your upper and middle of your back acting like the shaft of the letter and your lower lumbar swooping to form the curve.

6. Burpee blends: These are going to make your booty burn! Start by standing tall, feet shoulder width apart. Begin by squatting down all the way to the floor placing your hands directly under your shoulders. Jump both feet backward forming a push-up position with your body. Next, jump your feet back under your body. Then, in one explosive movement, jump upward driving your hands towards the ceiling and twist 180 degrees. Upon landing, immediately lower your body and repeat as possible in 30 seconds. 
Coaches tip: Avoid letting your hips dip toward the floor when you are in push-up position by squeezing your abdominal region and keeping your core engaged.  

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