Built-in and Freestanding Liebherr Wine Coolers Featured

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“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.” –Michael Broadbent

Side by side Liebherr Wine Coolers
Two Liebherr HWS 1800 wine cellars installed side by side.

Good wine in the right company is wonderful; good wine in the right company with the right dish is heavenly. Each wine has its own subtle blend of flavors that, when paired with the ideal food, interacts to create a beautiful symphony of tastes on the palate.

However, the delicate flavors of the wine are vulnerable to their environment, and as most wine enthusiasts know, temperature makes a difference. Storing your wine collection in kitchen cabinets or refrigerator doors just doesn’t cut it.

Liebherr Undercounter Wine Refrigerator
Liebherr’s WS 4000 undercounter wine cooler features two distinct temperature zones.

White wines are best at about 46°F, while red wines are best at a much warmer – but not room temperature – 64°F.

Liebherr, known for its advanced refrigerators, offers a line of wine refrigerators varying in size and features for everyone from the occasional wine drinker to the enthusiastic wine connoisseur.

The Liebherr wine refrigerator ranges in size from 24″ wide to 26″ wide and can hold anywhere from 18 bottles of wine to 178 bottles. The brand offers both built-in, undercounter, and full-height, freestanding units.

Starting at the small end of the spectrum, the HWS 1800 Liebherr wine fridge holds a precise, constant temperature of anywhere from 41°F up to 68°F and fits up to 18 bottles of wine on three shelves. The LCD display on the door allows you to alter the temperature to red, white or sparkling wines with ease. The undercounter unit fits neatly into surrounding cabinetry in the kitchen or den for easy access to a perfectly-chilled bottle of wine.

Liebherr Full-Sized Wine Refrigerator
Store up to 178 bottles in Liebherr’s largest wine refrigerator, model WS 17800.

The WS 4000 is also 24″ wide, but it accommodates up to 40 bottles of wine and features two distinct temperature zones, allowing you to store both whites and reds at their ideal temperature simultaneously. This built in wine cooler fits easily into existing cabinetry because it achieves ventilation through the toe kick rather than the side or back of the unit.

While 40 bottles might be plenty for some, wine collectors might require an even larger Liebherr wine cooler for their broad collection of exotic wines from different regions. For these customers, Liebherr offers the WS 17800, a behemoth of a wine cooler that maintains the modern, simplistic style of other Liebherr refrigerators while storing 178 bottles of wine at their ideal temperatures. In fact, this wine cooler features not just two, but three distinct temperature zones ranging from 41°F to 68°F.

As with most Liebherr wine refrigerators, the WS 17800 has an interchangeable door hinge to best fit your specific space.

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