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Viking Range Griddle Close-Up
Correctly cleaning and seasoning your Viking griddle for the first time will help to ensure long-lasting performance.

When your brand-new Viking range arrives in your home, you will likely be eager to get started cooking on the new gas burners, the high-power oven and the griddle/simmer plate.

Before you get started though, you need to know how to clean a Viking griddle.

You may opt for a Viking griddle cleaning kit, which comes with appliance cleaner, a pad holder, 10 griddle polishing pads, a squeegee and cleaning instructions.

Viking Cleaning Kit
Viking’s griddle cleaning kit includes all the supplies you’ll need for up to 25 cleanings.

However, there are also instructions for cleaning a Viking griddle without a cleaning kit on Viking’s website and a demonstration from Chef Scotty Campbell on YouTube.

When the griddle first arrives in your home, it will have a chalky, white coating of polymer glaze. This prevents rust during shipping, but it must be removed before use.

The first step is to remove this glaze. Viking recommends scrubbing with a Scotch-Brite pad and a mixture of ¼ cup vinegar and one quart warm water.

Next, wash the griddle with some warm soapy water. Chef Scotty skips the vinegar scrub and starts with the soapy water mixture.

Rinse the griddle and dry it.

Season the griddle with a generous coat of oil. Viking recommends vegetable oil. Chef Scotty prefers peanut oil and recommends saffron or cotton seed oil for those who do not wish to use peanut oil. Smooth the oil over the entire griddle surface with a paper towel.

Viking recommends allowing the oil to soak on the griddle for one hour before wiping down with a paper towel.

Alternatively, Chef Scotty instructs his viewers to turn the griddle on high and wait for smoke to rise from the surface. Then turn the griddle off. Allow it to cool. Reapply the oil, and turn on high again. This process should be repeated four times, according to the chef.

After the initial seasoning, the newly clean Viking griddle is ready for use.

After cooking on the griddle, it is not necessary to use soap and water. First, wipe debris from the surface. Then, Viking suggests cleaning with club soda before reapplying a coat of oil. Chef Scotty skips the club soda and simply reapplies a new coat of oil.

Closeup of New Grease Management System
A freshly cleaned griddle in action.

Both Viking and Chef Scotty warn that the griddle will not maintain its original shiny, silver appearance. The griddle surface will darken over time and may have uneven coloring.

Viking’s new griddles feature a new grease management system that draws grease away from food toward the edges of the griddle, making it easier to wipe clean after use.

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