Liebherr CS 2062 Review: 36″ Freestanding French Door Refrigerator Featured

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Liebherr CS2062 french door refrigerator
The Liebherr CS2062 french door refrigerator offers some of the most advanced refrigeration technology available.

We ask a lot of our refrigerators. They are the only appliance we require to run all day, every day; and our expectations continue to grow. We want better, longer lasting cooling systems; spacious refrigerator cavities with plenty of shelves and drawers to keep food organized; energy-efficiency to benefit both our budgets and the environment; and ideal humidity levels for a variety of different types of food all in the same appliance. We won’t tolerate loud operation, frost build-up or doors and drawers that are heavy or difficult to open.

Our expectations are rigid and unflinching. However, Liebherr has proven they are not unreasonable. The German company, founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr, offers the Liebherr CS2062 freestanding French door refrigerator to meet and exceed our most stringent expectations.

Liebherr BioFresh System
Liebherr’s BioFresh system keeps your food fresh longer and helps it to retain important nutrients and minerals.

Starting with the cooling system, this Liebherr fridge houses all foods in their ideal environments so they stay fresh until we’re ready to consume them. The BioFresh system keeps fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and dairy items at their ideal temperatures and humidity levels. In fact, Liebherr reports independent testing has shown BioFresh to keep food fresher up to three times longer than other refrigeration systems.

Liebherr refrigeration also keeps air in the freezer completely separate from air in the refrigerator. These two distinct compartments require completely different environments for optimal cooling and preservation, so Liebherr created two cooling circuits that work independently of each other with no sharing of air.

Liebherr counter depth refrigerator
With a spacious 19.4 total cu ft capacity, this Liebher counter depth refrigerator isn’t cutting any corners.

While keeping food fresh is a priority Liebherr does so without compromising your comfort. The Liebherr counter depth refrigerator fits neatly into your kitchen and runs so quietly you won’t even notice it’s there. Liebherr placed the compressor at the back of the refrigerator, instead of the front (which is common) so you don’t have to hear the sound of its efforts.

The Liebherr French door refrigerator is conveniently designed for organization and maximum capacity with a total of almost 20 cubic feet of capacity and bright LED lights that illuminate all corners of the freezer and refrigerator so none of those leftover containers get pushed to the back and forgotten about until the food is unrecognizable. Liebherr designs its refrigerators with durable, space-saving materials to maximize your usable space. From thin shelves to slender sidewalls packed in with efficient insulation, Liebherr makes sure you have the space you need and the performance you demand.

All Liebherr refrigerators are Energy Star rated so you can be sure the appliance that never stops continues to bring you savings while also benefiting the environment.


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