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Founded in Germany in 1883, Blomberg now has some of the largest manufacturing facilities in Europe. The brand has gained a steady following in 50 countries due to its mission to be “in harmony with your life” by being in harmony with nature, your home and you.

Blomberg Dishwashers
All Blomberg dishwashers are designed to perform up to the standards of a luxury kitchen.

Blomberg appliances are energy- and water-efficiency, have a versatile modern design, and innovative engineering that make them a perfect fit for any luxury kitchen.

The Blomberg dishwasher embodies all these characteristics. Its efficient operation saves you water and energy by while ensuring your dishes get the thorough cleaning they need. The auto wash cycle, available on some models, determines the length of cycle necessary to clean the load at hand, so you will use only the resources necessary and nothing extra. Additionally, the adjustable upper rack and adjustable tines allow you to alter the configuration to fit more dishes in one load, requiring fewer loads and less hand-washing.

Blomberg Dishwasher Adjustable Racks
Adjustable racks and tines allow you to fit more in your Blomberg tall tub dishwasher.

A Blomberg stainless steel dishwasher fits nicely in any modern kitchen with its subtle, sleek appearance. However, Blomberg dishwashers are also available in black and white, and for more traditional kitchens, the Blomberg panel ready dishwasher assimilates with your existing cabinetry for a truly seamless look.

Whichever model you choose, you’ll find the dishwasher exceeds expectations by getting dishes cleaner with less hassle and less noise. Three spray arms and a strong motor, which varies the pressure as needed, ensure dishes don’t come out with any remaining food residue. The stainless steel tank on the Blomberg tall tub dishwasher allows for a high heat of 167°F to sanitize pots and pans. While the dishwasher works hard to clean the dishes inside, Blomberg also recognizes the need for the dishwasher itself to remain clean. Therefore, a three-filter system is installed in all models of Blomberg dishwashers.

Blomberg Luxury Dishwashers

The sleek exterior design of a Blomberg dishwasher means it will fit in among other luxury appliances in your kitchen.

While intense cleaning is important, delicate glasses and fine China must be treated with care. A built-in water softener treats these items gently. Also, when you’re in a hurry and have a lightly soiled load, the Quick Wash cycle finishes in 30 minutes.

A convenient LCD display makes all these options easy to operate.

While making sure its dishwashers perform well with utmost efficiency, Blomberg hasn’t forgotten that this appliance is part of the home – a home where a family lives, plays and sleeps. Thus, three layers of insulation blanket your dishwasher to muffle the sound of operation so you’ll hardly notice it’s running.

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