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Kitchen Cabinet HardwareWhen you are refinishing your kitchen cabinets, you should give a great deal of thought to the hardware you purchase. It’s not just about matching the metal tone and creating a fresh look. You also want to find that special piece that allows your personality to infuse the space and make it feel more welcome. Here are just a few ideas to consider when you are looking at different types of cabinet hardware.

Sleek Look with No Hardware

For a sleek look that keeps the focus on the wood grain of your cabinets, you can skip the drawer pulls and knobs completely. Some cabinets feature rounded edges along the bottom or special handgrips carved into the side of the door. This makes them easy to open with the hassle of adding hardware. It’s an excellent choice for modern kitchen, and it can work very well even on very basic cabinets that don’t have a lot of decoration.

You Can Change the Size of the Pulls

If you have measured the holes that have already been drilled for your new pulls, then you might have stood at the store and despaired that you cannot find anything you like in that exact size. Fortunately, you don’t have to go with the exact size. Using a quality wood filler and matching paint or stain, you can fill in the holes and drill new ones. This is most easily done if you are going to be painting the doors. You can also cover the holes with a backing plate that will add something wonderful to your new hardware.

If you do change the hole position to switch to a knob or a larger pull, be sure that you have at least a half-inch between the original hardware spot and the new hole you are Kitchen Cabinet Hardwaredrilling. This will maintain the integrity of the drawer and prevent problems down the road.

Exposed Hinges are Cool Accents

Most kitchen cabinet doors feature hidden hinges. However, exposed hinges that proudly dance along the front of your cabinet can also add a wonderful touch to the kitchen. Particularly beautiful with country or traditional decors, the right exposed hinges can also make your modern kitchen look incredible.

Safety Latches

Safety is everything in the kitchen, especially if you have young children who live in or visit the home. Most safety latches either mount to the front and become an eyesore or they involve opening the door a crack to release them. If you need child locks, look for magnetic locks that open and close with a handy magnetic key. They are an effective and easy way to secure the kitchen without creating any eyesores.

Consider Different Materials

Metal is the standard, but you aren’t limited to it for your new kitchen. Glass knobs are traditionally seen on dressers, and they can also be a lovely addition to your kitchen cabinets. The crystal will reflect light around the room and make it more sophisticated and beautiful. Polished bones or antlers can also make stunning cabinet pulls if you are creating a country theme or outfitting a rustic cabin.

Shapes, Sizes and Whimsical Beauty

Hardware is available in all shapes and sizes. You can also incorporate fun shapes and whimsical designs. Share your love of the ocean with seashell pulls, or take your rooster collection to the next level with cool hardware featuring roosters. There is no limit to the marvelous designs you can find, and it’s an easy way to personalize cabinets and make them stand out more.

The hardware you select for your new kitchen is an important part of the overall look. The right pieces will add a wonderful touch to the kitchen and make it a unique part of your home. Whether you are going for something simple and elegant or fanciful and delightful, adding the right hardware will make all the difference in the world.

DirectBuy offers a wide selection of cabinets, hardware and other kitchen accessories to make your kitchen remodeling project a success. With the top quality products and the amazing savings you will experience at DirectBuy, you won’t shop anywhere else for home improvement needs.

Finding the Right Types of Cabinet Hardware

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