Thermador Induction Cooktop Review: 2012 Line-up Introduces Several New Models Featured

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When you’re trying to whip up an easy dinner, sometimes it feels like the thing that takes the longest is simply waiting for the water to boil so you can get started.

Thermador induction cooktop
Thermador’s newest induction cooktops incorporate advanced cooking technology and sleek modern design.

However, Thermador cuts your waiting time in half with its new line of speed heating induction cooktops. The popular brand launched a new line of induction cooktops in July, and the new cooktops are already gaining recognition and earning accolades. After less than two months on the market, the Thermador Freedom induction cooktop is a recipient of the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for 2012.

The new line of cooktops is engineered to offer expanded cooking surface, faster heating and added safety features.

The Freedom Thermador 36” induction cooktop has 67 percent more usable cooking surface than any of its competitors. Beneath the sleek black or silver surface, lie 48 three-inch coils that can heat up to four pots, pans or griddles of any size or shape.

Also, for your convenience, Thermador induction cooktops heat 50 percent faster than the average gas cooktop, and they do so with the most powerful element in their class, a 4,600 watt PowerBoost heating element.

Thermador Freedom induction cooktop
The Thermador Freedom induction cooktop received a Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for 2012.

Induction cooktops are already some of the safest on the market because they only provide heat when they detect a pot or pan. That means if little fingers find their way to the cooktop while you’re cooking, they won’t get burned; and if someone carelessly sets a plastic cup on the cooktop, no harm is done.

However, Thermador takes safety a few steps further with a child safety lock, an automatic shut-off timer and an anti-overflow system. You can set the timer so that if you get distracted, the burner automatically shuts off. Not only is your home safe, but also your food is safe from overcooking.

The new anti-overflow system sounds an alarm any time liquids hit the surface of the cooktop, so if water starts to boil over while you have your back turned, you’ll know right away.

Thermador Induction Cooktop touch screen
A full-color touch screen gives you total control of your Thermador induction cooktop.

If these safety and convenience features aren’t enough, Thermador’s new cooktops are the only cooktops in the market to come with a full-color touch screen. The intuitive control panel allows you to make decisions quickly and easily, and it indicates when the heat elements are “hot” or “very hot.”

Of course, with Thermador’s advanced technology, sometimes you don’t even have to use the control panel. If you need to reposition a pot in the middle of cooking, simply slide it across the surface, and the Thermador induction cooktop automatically transfers the settings, without interrupting the cooking process.

Thermador’s new line of induction cooktops includes 30-inch and 36-inch units and come in black glass, mirrored silver or black with stainless steel trim.

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