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Caring for Oak Kitchen CabinetsOne of the primary reasons that oak cabinets are such a common choice in residential kitchens has to do with the fact that they are able to last for decades if properly maintained. They are sturdy and durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear, which makes them a great investment for any homeowner who is thinking ahead for the long term. Although oak cabinets are certainly durable, it is important that you know how to care for them. With proper maintenance, they can last for upwards of 20 years, so it is worth learning how to do so. Here are some tips for cleaning, maintaining, repainting or restoring your oak kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Oak Cabinets

Regular cleaning is an important part of keeping your oak cabinets looking like new for as long as possible. Once a week, mix up several gallons of warm water with a tablespoon of regular dish detergent. Use a sponge to wipe down the exterior and interior of the cabinets with this mixture, and take care to remove any dust or grime. Even small particles of dust, which might not seem like much to you, can actually scratch the surface of the cabinets and take off the finish. Make sure you dry the cabinets thoroughly with a rag when you are finished.

Maintaining Oak Cabinets

Although weekly cleaning with a simple detergent solution is a great start, you may find that some extra maintenance is required once or twice a year. Grease from cooking can accumulate on the front panels of the oak cabinets, which leaves them sticky and unattractive. Since abrasive commercial cleaning products can actually damage the wood rather than clean it, you Oak Kitchen Cabinetsmay prefer to mix up a solution of distilled white vinegar and water. Use a soft rag and this vinegar mixture to clean the cupboards, and then dry it off entirely. You can also use a thin layer of wood oil to preserve the shine of the material.

Repainting Oak Cabinets

Even with plenty of cleaning and care, oak cabinets can need painting eventually. You may also want to repaint the cabinets because you are remodeling. Either way, you will need several coats to do so. Start by sanding the old paint off, and then use both a grain filler and a primer. This creates a smooth surface for you to paint, or you can choose to apply a stain onto the oak.

Restoring Oak Cabinets

In some cases, you will want to completely restore your oak cabinets. Although this is not a simple process, it can be done without professional assistance. You will follow the same steps as repainting, but you will also need to remove and replace the hardware and hinges. In addition, you can change the front panels or add decorative details and embellishments wherever you desire.

Oak cabinets are among theĀ  most popular types of kitchen cabinets. With the right tips and tricks available, you can ensure that your cabinets remain attractive, functional and as good as new for as long as possible.

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