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The most popular kitchen style request these days seems to be simplicity. From a desire for clean lines and understated elegance to a dislike of anything overdone or flashy, people are getting back to basics in their design decisions.Trends In Style

The reason for this restrained aesthetic is two-fold. The first is a response to the overly ornate kitchens of the 1990s and early 2000s, when money was flowing and people wanted to see and flaunt the fruits of their success, and at the same time, the kitchen industry was constantly introducing innovative technology, details, and accessories for people to try. The second explanation? In a fast-paced world that’s ever more complicated, people want their homes to be beautiful, calm retreats—and simplicity is equally well suited to contemporary, transitional, or traditional styles.

The flat, frameless cabinet doors and lack of patterns that are characteristic of contemporary kitchens naturally create a simple, uncomplicated look.  To integrate this kind of kitchen within a more traditional house, standard or exotic wood cabinets, perhaps mixed with white cabinet accents and stainless appliances, will help the kitchen blend in with other woodwork.  The woodwork in classic bungalows, for example, is typically dark, so using a flat door in a dark wood will resonate with the overall architectural feel.  Top this off with a classic Carrera or Calcatta marble countertop and, voila! The kitchen would be a perfect fit for this type of historic home. Click here to read the entire article.

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