Clever Storage Options for Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Featured

Lazy SusanTraditional kitchen cabinets are beautiful and versatile. Unfortunately, they can also be a little hard to organize. If you love the look of lower cabinets featuring large doors for accessing your items but wish the storage was more functional, there is hope for you. Here are a few ideas for items you can add to your lower cabinets to make them more functional.

The Expanding Shelf for Corners

Corner cabinets traditionally featured lazy Susans that spin and provide you with access to other items. However, even those do not make the best use of space. A better option is a special folding system with attached shelves.

A hinged backboard holds two sets of open shelves. One is allowed to retreat into the inaccessible area for storage when the cabinet is closed to essentially double the storage of this space.

Inside Shelves for Doors

Install shelves on the inside of cabinet doors to increase storage and create the perfect space for small items like cans of soup and spices. It’s a good use of space, and it’s an excellent way to organize smaller items for easy access.

Shallow Drawers with Solid Bases

There are several styles of drawer you can add to the interior of base cabinets to increase storage. One option features shallow drawers that are perfect for canned goods, bags of cereal and Traditional Kitchen Cabinetssmall items that might slip through wire racks.

Deep Basket Shelves

Taller items and pots are best stored in deep basket shelves. The shelves pull out for easy access, but the tall sides keep your items safely contained and neatly in position. One benefit of these baskets is that you can find free-standing units that simply set in place and do not have to be permanently installed in the cabinets. This makes them the perfect choice for people in rentals and apartments.

The Swinging Basket for More Cabinet Storage

The cabinet under the sink is notorious for wasted storage. Make better use of the space by investing in pull-out drawers on the bottom. The area between the doors and drain pipes at the top of the cabinet can also be utilized. Choose special baskets that attach to the sidewall of the cabinet with a hinge. They swing out like the cabinet doors when you need smaller items, and then they neatly swing back into position.

Hide the Trashcan in a Lower Kitchen Cabinet

Take the back shelf out of a lower cabinet and turn it into storage for the trash can. You can also choose special baskets that you become trashcans when lined with a bag. This opens up floor space in the kitchen and hides the unsightly garbage from view.

If you have a traditional kitchen with the traditional lower cabinets, you may be pining for a new kitchen with more storage. However, you have plenty of storage in your existing kitchen. You simply have to find a way to access it. With the right cabinet accessories, you can turn every cabinet into fantastic storage that is organized and easy to access.

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