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Kitchen Cabinet TrendsThere are several key things to keep in mind when decorating, remodeling or outfitting a kitchen. You want to ensure that the space is practical and allows you to cook and prepare foods efficiently, you want the overall style to be cohesive with the rest of your home and you also want everything to come in under budget. Of course, those with an eye on the hottest trends in interior decoration will also want their home to look stylish and attractive. Trends can change quickly, but some of the hottest trends for 2013 are classic and modern looks that will undoubtedly stick around for years to come. In order to create the most stylish kitchen on your street, take a look at these modern kitchen decor trends that are bound to be big hits in 2013.

Kitchen Tints and Stickers

It is no secret that natural light creates a more spacious room, but many homeowners are worried that the views from their kitchen are lacking. Rather than covering up big windows, or even creating a windowless wall, a smart option is to install large windows and then alter the view whenever necessary. If your apartment kitchen looks over an alley or to a neighboring building, for example, you don’t have to keep the space dark and out of view. A hot trend is to apply tints to the windows that allow you to see out but prevent others from seeing inside. You can also apply floral stickers or faux stained glass to make up for a less desirable view.

Colorful Cabinets

Over the last few years, there has been a focus on stainless steel cabinetry, stark white decor and a neutral palette. In 2013, interior decorators are going out of their way to add color to these once ordinary spaces. One of the hottest kitchen cabinet trends is flat front panels in a variety of different colors. You might have all white cabinets save for a few randomly placed red panels, or you could have several color-blocked panels throughout the cabinetry. This simple idea is a whimsical way to bring color into the space, and it is ideal for families with children and those who have a hard timemaintaining white countertops or fingerprint-free stainless steel.

Appliances as the Focal Point

One obvious trend in kitchen design for this year is the idea of using major kitchen appliances as a form of decoration. Hardwood FloorsWhereas art, flooring and even the cabinetry used to be the focal point of the space, today homeowners are more inclined to use built-in double ovens or giant stainless steel exhaust hoods as the center of attention. If you invest in a major appliance that you love, don’t feel like you need to have it blend in with the cabinetry or stay out of the main line of vision. Emphasize the newest technology and keep the items you appreciate most front and center. Even large ceramic sinks can be a way to capture the attention of your guests and visitors in the kitchen.

Hardwood Floors

Tiles have long been the staple of kitchen floors. Hardwood, on the other hand, is often thought of as a mistake for kitchen flooring since it requires more maintenance and has issues with high humidity. Unless you live in a humid environment and cook constantly, however, that is rarely an issue for contemporary families. Hardwood floors can give homes a warm and cozy feeling, and they are versatile enough to work with a country decor style or modern stainless steel appliances.

Embrace one or more of these hot kitchen trends to take your home’s style from ordinary to incredible.

Whatever your style and budget, you can make your home more beautiful and functional with quality products from DirectBuy. Best of all you won’t pay hidden retail markups on anything.

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