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Lazy Susan for Kitchen CabinetsWhether you have traditional kitchen cabinets or something more modern, you can probably use some help to get them organized. Cabinets often turn into black holes of storage where items disappear and never return, or they turn into leaning towers of dishes where items are broken on a regular basis. Fortunately, there is some help available for you.

Look to the Lazy Susan

Once used on kitchen tables and countertops, Lazy Susans are finding their way into the inside of cabinets. They are great for spices, small items and even little jars of jam. Use one in the spice cabinet, or put another in the canned good cabinet to make it easy to rotate stock and avoid losing items. Get even more out of the space by looking for stacking rotating plates that let you take everything to higher levels.

Mount Shelves for Cookbooks

If you have counter space that’s away from the stove, consider mounting shelves for cookbooks. They won’t be directly on the counter, but they’ll still be right where you need them. They’ll also look neat as they line the shelves, and you can spice up the area more with themed bookends that match the overall theme of your kitchen.

Make Use of Open Walls

If your kitchen has an open wall space, make better use of it with clever shelves. Look for a decorative shelf featuring pegs on the lower part. The shelf is great for cookbooks or other display items, and you can hang aprons and hot pads on the pegs below. Keep the shelf at least two feet away from the stove for safety reasons.

Create Zones

It’s easier to find what you are looking for if you have specific zones. All of your oven-safe bakeware should be kept in one zone or cabinet. Put all of your stovetop items in another. Keep your goods that are used for baking sweets in one set area, and you will find that it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to finding things more easily yourself, you’ll be able to direct other family members to what they want without having to dig through cabinets.

Get a Handle on Plastic Containers

The bane of every kitchen, plastic containers can be impossible to contend with. One option is to keep them neatly storedKitchen Cabinet Organizers in drawers for easier access. Use drawer dividers to create space between the stacks of lids and other containers.

The World Turned on its Side

There are countless kitchen objects that are better stored on their sides. Cookie pans, casserole dishes and lids are just a few items that will take up less room and be easier to retrieve when you store them on their side. Invest in plate racks to keep them standing up, separated and easy to reach.

Sliding Shelf Organizers Create Extra Space

If you are investing in remodeling your kitchen, then you might want to buy cabinets featuring deep drawers. However, this isn’t always an option. If you are trying to make the most of what you have, then you can turn your existing lower cabinets into more functional drawers. Invest in shelf organizers that slide out like drawers, but they are neatly contained within your existing cabinet. They eliminate the black hole that’s normally on the back shelf, create more storage and make it easier for you to cook.

There are countless ways to bring organization to your kitchen and increase storage levels. If you can create more storage outside of the cabinets with clever shelves, then you will have more open space inside the cabinets. Make your kitchen more organized by adding sliding shelves and lazy Susans. With clever solutions, you can get more out of your kitchen without investing in new cabinets.

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