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Sitting on my desk right now is New Kitchen Ideas that Work by my friend, designer and writer, Jamie Gold, AKBD, CAPS, and published just this year by The Taunton Press.  


Book Review: New Kitchen Ideas That Work

New Kitchen Ideas That Work by Jamie Gold

Occasionally I review design books, but this one is different: one of my kitchen designs is featured in the book this time. Not only that, but I’m amongst some very fine professionals. While I was provided a review copy, I also bought one for myself and my client whose kitchen was featured in the book.

Taunton creates good books, liberally sprinkled with inspirational photography (they’re also the publisher of architect’s Sarah Susanka’s The Not-so BigHouse series).

Jamie Gold is an NKBA-certified, independent kitchen and bath designer and Certified Aging in Place Specialist in the San Diego area. She has been published in Fine Homebuilding, Signature Kitchens & Baths, Kitchen & Bath Ideas, and many other print and online media. She also writes a weekly design blog called Gold Notes: Nuggets from the World of Residential Design.

In other words, you have a kitchen designer writing a kitchen book with insights pertinent to kitchen design and aging-in-place.

You’ll find:

  • The Essentials:  Comparison charts that provide the most important information you need to make smart buying decisions


  • Working With What You Have: Ideas for adding big impact without spending a lot of money by changing just one element—like countertops—in your kitchen


  • The New Vision: Highlights of some of the smartest and most useful advances in kitchen products and technology, such as aging in place elements


  • Putting It All Together: Case studies that show you dozens of kitchens that work in a range of sizes and styles



To show you what I mean by the “adding big impact without spending more money”, Jamie and Taunton have generously allowed me to share my own case study.

The challenge was that the 1500 feet of tile flooring the homeowners installed throughout the main floor was discontinued. They'd just installed it a few years back and before the kitchen remodel. You know, the kitchen remodel where they wanted to remove walls and change the layout? 

Let's face it, changing that much tile in the house (again) could add not only unneccessary extra cost, it's...annoying, to say the least. Here the homeowner picked a perfectly nice tile. Paying for it twice hurts. So what can you do when faced with this problem?

For the answer, I looked to commercial design in restaurants and malls. Walls and flooring are changed much more frequently than residential – stores come and go, restaurants change ownership but may not have the budget for replacing everything. You see a lot of pattern in commercial areas with varied sizes, materials and layouts for this very reason. 

That's what we did in this design: making it look like it was meant to be in the first place.

I thought you might like to see the following “before” photos, which aren’t in the book (with good reason because they are some pretty awful photos taken by me. The flooring isn’t that dark):



Before shot of kitchen

I’m standing in the family room looking towards the kitchen/nook.




Voila, a new tile border (By permission from New Kitchen Ideas that Work, The Taunton Press, 2012. Photography: Ken Gutmaker)




Before shot with view to sink

See the lovely large tile? When it extends throughout the rooms, it’s not something you want to replace, especially when you just installed it a few years ago.




The original tile gains a new life and now there is a tile design "separation" of kitchen, nook, and family room. (By permission from New Kitchen Ideas that Work, The Taunton Press, 2012. Photography: Ken Gutmaker)


While it looks so simple and easy, it wasn’t. Calculations took hours and no less than 4 meetings with our pro tile installer. But we did it and you can too.

Jamie writes,

First the grout changes between the old and new floors were de-emphasized by the border. Second, the new tile installed on the diagonal created a design focal pint, and the different sizes between the old and new tiles reinforced that point.

The homeowners had 10 extra replacement tiles from their first flooring redo, and they came in handy…”

Of course there’s more; you’ll need to buy the book to find out.

New Kitchen Ideas That Work (ISBN 978-1-60085-496-5) can be found at your local bookstores, home centers or online at Amazon or It retails for $ 21.95.

I’ll put a link up in my Amazon affiliate box in the right column. If you order there, I receive a small fee, but really? Pick it up anywhere – it’s a fine book for your library.

Congratulations, Jamie!

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