3 Kitchen Ideas for the Holiday Wish List Featured

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1) Launchport: Inductive Charging Base Station and Sleeve for the new iPad

Ipad charger

This came in my email a few weeks ago, an induction charger for the iPad and iPad mini from Launchport. This little device not only keeps your iPad off the counter (handy against spills), but charges at the same time.

Yes, it needs an adapter sleeve and a nearby outlet and sets the tablet at an angle for easy reading as it charges. I believe that the iPad can also swivel on the unit between portrait and landscape views.

3 Kitchen Ideas for the Holiday Wish List

The sleeves are available for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad with the 4th generation “coming soon”. You have to purchase both the sleeve and the stand (total of $ 350.00 before taxes), which makes me wonder: would anyone but the most extreme power users feel it’s a worthwhile investment? 

Or would you find Launchport’s WallStation below (same idea but mounted on the wall AND hardwired) of more use?




Feel free to chime in.

2) Passport Luxor Collection from Top Knobs

The Luxor Series is part of the landmark Passport Collection from Top Knobs that takes inspiration from intriguing world travel destinations. In this case, the Egyptian temple of Luxor.

What I like about these handles and knobs is that there is a feeling of timelessness about them. They’d work very well in everything from a transitional kitchen to a traditional bathroom. They come in a variety of finishes, from polished chrome to oil-rubbed bronze can be seen here.

Retail prices vary based on size/finish and are estimated to list from $4.90 per piece to $109 per piece. (The $109.00 would most like be for the refrigerator handle.) All Top Knobs products come with a lifetime warranty and protective sealed finish. 

3)  Miele’s CM5200 Coffee Maker

3 Kitchen Ideas for the Holiday Wish List


Okay, while we’re off in dreamland here, this is what we coffee fiends want for Christmas. Miele has a glorious built-in system, but they designed a countertop module for those who don’t have the space for a built-in.

At $ 2749.00 as a suggested retail price, this isn’t cheap, but it has:

  • One Touch: At the touch of a button, specialty beverages such as cappuccino and latte macchiato are automatically dispensed.
  • Adjustable Portions: Dispense two at once or double-sized coffee drinks, perfect for entertaining, or when you’re in need of a double cappuccino, espresso, coffee or latte.
  • Seamless Integration: A dedicated hot water spout – for tea or hot chocolate - now seamlessly integrates into the design.
  • Automatic Cleaning: An automatic cleaning program uses water from the integrated tank to clean the milk pipework each time the machine is shut off.

For those of you who have a $ 4.00 coffee (or more) every day, you’d recoup this in a year and a half.

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