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Kitchen CabinetsWhen you head to the design room to look at kitchen cabinets, you are going to notice that some kitchen cabinet designs have never fallen out of favor. Basic recessed panels continue to be a popular choice, but a few more have joined the mix. If you are investing in a new kitchen, here is what you should know about the available styles for your kitchen cabinets.

Slabs are Affordable

The most affordable option is a simple slab. The doors and drawer fronts do not feature any extra embellishment. They are smooth, plain and completely flat. The right hardware can dress up the plain slabs and make them more attractive.


Shaker furniture is basic and plain without being boring. A simple thin slab is topped with a heavy framework of wood. It resembles a picture frame placed over a slab, and it’s one of the top choices for rustic kitchens. The simple embellishment adds interest, but the doors are still easy to clean. The drawer fronts may feature the same framework or be a basic slab. These are also very affordable, so they are a great choice if you are working with a tight budget. This is also known as a recessed panel cabinet.

Beadboard Panel

With the addition of beadboard, the Shaker style can reach new levels. The beadboard is used in the recessed panel, and it adds style and flair to a basic country look. If you want a little more decoration, then choose a simple routed detail around the inside of the frame to create interest.

Raised Panel

Moving up the ladder in price and detail work, you can choose a raised panel cabinet. The wider outside frame surrounds a raised panel on the inside of the door or drawer. The changing landscape of the cabinet makes this an interesting choice for anyone who likes having the pretty details. It can be a little difficult to clean because dirt can become trapped in the crevices. Plan on cleaning it a little more frequently, and you may have to use cotton swabs to remove stubborn stains Kitchen Cabinetsfrom the crevices.

Curved Panel

Add interest to your raised panel door by choosing a curved panel. The drawer fronts will feature basic straight lines, but the doors will boast a gentle arch along the top of the door. These are marginally more expensive than raised panel options, but they are an incredible addition to any traditional kitchen. They do not always feature heavily routed edges, and you can find them with fewer crevices for easy cleaning.

Cathedral Panel

One of the most expensive and popular options is the cathedral panel. Similar to a curved panel, it is more decorative. Instead of having a simple arch on the top, it features an elegant cathedral style arch that goes in on both sides before rising up into the arch. The drawers still feature basic straight lines, but the cathedral arch on the tops of doors add interest and visual appeal.

Routed Edges and Extra Trim

Any of the decorative doors can feature additional routed edges and decorative trim pieces. These add drama and style to the doors. They might make the cabinets harder to clean, but they also create a traditional look that is refined and luxurious.

When you are ready to buy new cabinets, consider the different options that are available to you. Basic cabinets are easy to clean, but they may lack the style and beauty that you crave. Heavily detailed doors make the kitchen more sophisticated and traditional, but they can be harder to clean. Regardless of the style you choose, you are going to love how it feels to finally have a new kitchen.

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