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Traditional Kitchen CabinetsTraditional kitchen cabinets feature a sophisticated look with wide appeal. However, you don’t have to settle for traditional interior design of your cabinets. Manufacturers are now offering a wide range of incredible features that you will want to include in your new kitchen. Whether you want a traditional look or rustic appeal, consider these incredible options when you remodel your kitchen.

Pantries for Extra Storage

The traditional kitchen featured lower cabinets that were 24 inches deep, upper cabinets that are roughly 12 inches deep and an open counter between them. While the counters are great for preparing meals, you may find that what you really need is more cabinet space for food, dishes and cooking accessories.

With pantries, the depth of your lower cabinets is carried up to the top level. The counter is eliminated in that area, leaving you with plenty of storage. Look for pantries with pull-out shelves to enjoy even more storage space and make all of your good easy to reach.

Make the Most of Corners

Corner cabinets featuring lazy Susans are very popular. However, there is often still wasted space deep in the corner next to the walls. Most kitchen designs allow the area under an inside corner to go unused, but this is wasteful. Invest in a special cabinet with a pull-out lazy Susan. Featuring uniquely shaped shelves, these cabinets allow you to make the most Kitchen Cabinetsof that space and get more storage space out of your kitchen.

Hide the Trashcan

Stop looking for the perfect corner for your trash can. Choose a lower cabinet that is specially designed for the trashcan. Easily pulled out when you need it, you will never again have to look at the eyesore of your trashcan again.

A Microwave in a Drawer

Most homes make good use of their microwaves, but do you really want it on the countertop at all times? You can now hide the microwave away in a drawer. Special microwaves featuring doors and controls in the top allow you to reclaim more counter space and hide this appliance neatly away.

Quality in the Drawers

The cabinets installed in your home by the builder probably feature drawers that leave a little to be desired. They don’t maximize space, but you can get more out of your next collection of drawers. Look for cabinets where the drawer slides are on the bottom to get more width out of every drawer. Also, look for full-extension drawers that allow the drawer to slide out fully, so you can reach everything stored inside with ease.

Look for More Lower Drawers

Lower cabinets can be a pain to deal with. Items are easily lost in the back, things on the back shelf are nearly impossible to reach and the entire unit can turn into a frightening black hole of forgotten items. Lower cabinets featuring deep drawers are a better option. You can store more inside them, and you won’t have to worry about losing things in the recessed areas. They are a must have for people with back problems who struggle with bending over too much.

Appliance Shelves

If you love having the toaster out but don’t want it on the counter, consider cabinets with special appliance shelves. With special shelves providing you with custom storage, you will have a neat and tidy spot for your toaster, coffee pot and other daily-use appliances.

When shopping for your new kitchen cabinets, you can enjoy a traditional look while still achieving an incredible modern feel. With special features, extra storage and the ability to customize your kitchen, you can create the cooking space of your dreams. Even without removing walls or altering your kitchen, you can still enjoy more storage space and a clean look you will love.

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Features to Look For in Today’s Kitchen Cabinets

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