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Contemporary Kitchen CabinetsIf you love the look of contemporary kitchen cabinets but your house came with traditional wares, then you might be considering a full kitchen remodel. However, this isn’t necessary. You could easily spend $15,000 or more on new cabinets, but there is a better way. You can refinish your existing cabinets to enjoy a contemporary look that suits your style and the rest of your home.

Start by Stripping the Cabinets of all Hardware

You don’t want to work around the cabinet hardware. Regardless of the finishing technique you choose, the hardware will undoubtedly be in the way. Remove all knobs, pulls and hinges for a professional finish that will look incredible. Store the hardware in a Ziploc bag. As you remove doors, notate where they came from on the back of the door for easy reassembly later.

A Solid Coat of Paint

Contemporary kitchens embrace clean lines and smooth finishes. One of the fastest ways to transform your traditional cabinets into contemporary marvels is by simply painting them. Whether you choose magnificent white, sleek and mysterious black or a warm chocolate brown, the solid color will look more upscale and modern. Consider using a quality oil-based paint. With a little practice, you can eliminate the brushmarks in your paint for a factory-finished look. The oil-based paints will also be extremely easy to scrub clean if the cabinets get dirty.

Consider a Little Pin striping

If you feel like the cabinets are too plain with the solid paint, consider adding a little bit of pin striping to them. AvailableContemporary Kitchen Cabinets online, you can purchase stick-on pinstripes that are easily installed. Coat the door with a protective layer of polyurethane to keep the detail in place and protect it over time.

Buy Quality Hardware

You carefully saved the doorknobs and pulls in a Ziploc bag, but you probably won’t re-use them. One of the best ways to ensure that your kitchen looks like you got new cabinets is to replace this hardware. Look for sleek pulls and knobs with a contemporary look and feel. Available with glass accents, you can add a little flair to the hardware while maintaining the modern design. Match the hardware to your kitchen faucet and appliances if possible.

Lighting and Accessories

The lighting and accessories in your kitchen help set the tone. You don’t want to spend days refinishing the cabinets for a modern feel only to leave your traditional accessories in place. Look for contemporary light fixtures with adjustable lights, so you can highlight your favorite features in the kitchen. Add a few splashes of color with bright add countertop appliances, and maintain the modern feel of the room by carefully choosing your kitchen accessories.

You don’t have to invest in a new kitchen to change from a traditional design to the contemporary look of your dreams. Whether your cabinets feature raised panels or a more basic design, you can modernize them with a smooth coat of oil-based paint. You will love how the finished kitchen looks, and you will be thrilled with how affordable it is to paint your cabinets.

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