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Contemporary CabinetsAs the most prominent features of kitchen cabinetry, the types of kitchen cabinet doors that you choose for your kitchen makeover will define your kitchen’s overall look and style. Although all cabinet doors fall into two main categories, slab doors and frame and panel doors, there are dozens of design variations. An understanding of the primary sub-categories will help you make an informed choice.

Slab Cabinets Doors Offer Sleek and Contemporary Style

Providing a sleek, uniform and clean look, slab cabinet doors are ideal for kitchens decorated in a modern style. Traditionally, slab cabinet doors were constructed from a single piece of solid wood. Solid-wood slab doors are still available in an array of wood species.

Slabs door may also be constructed with a substrate of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood covered with one of several materials, including wood veneer, laminate, melamine and thermofoil. Thermofoil is plastic substance that is applied to the substrate with heat. Because thermofoil coverings can be molded into various shapes, thermofoil is sometimes used to give the appearance of frame and panel doors.

An Array of Frame and Panel Door Options

Frame and panel cabinet doors are typically constructed with five pieces of wood or substrate. Four pieces, called stiles and rails, make up the frame of the door while a center piece servesMaple Cabinets as a panel. Some doors feature multiple frames and panels. Others are faced with glass or mesh. The center panel or panels are either raised from or recessed into the outer frame.

Raised Panel Cabinet Door for a Traditional or Transitional Look

In a raised panel cabinet door, the center panel is edged to make it appear as if the panel is laid over the surrounding frame when in fact, the panel is slotted into grooves within the frame’s inside edge. Although rectangular raised panels are the most common, the top of the panel can also be curved into various types of arcs.

Raised panel cabinet doors with solid wood frames may have either a solid wood panel or a covered substrate panel. Because the panel doesn’t require the same tensile strength as the frame, the use of substrate offers cost savings opportunities. It’s important to remember, however, that thin veneers can’t be sanded or refinished.

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors Offer Rustic Style

Instead of protruding outwards like in raised panel cabinet doors, the center panel in a recessed panel door is set back into the surrounding frame. Combined with a wide frame, a cabinet door with a rectangular or arched recessed panel has a simple yet stylish look that complements kitchens designed in Shaker, Arts and Crafts, Rustic or Mission decorative styles.

Recessed cabinet doors are sometimes made with a raised panel on the inside face of the door. Because high humidity can cause center panels to shrink, this allows cabinet makers to use thicker pieces of wood or substrate, a technique that helps keep doors from rattling when closing when humidity levels are high.

All types of cabinet doors can be embellished with all sorts of molding and carving as well as a wide range of door pulls and hardware, offering virtually endless opportunities to give your kitchen cabinets distinctive style.

Regardless of what type of cabinet doors you choose for your kitchen, DirectBuy offers a wide selection of all types. When you learn the secret of saving with DirectBuy, you won’t want to shop anywhere else for your home remodeling and furnishing needs.


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