IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17 Featured

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Everyone loves a “Before and After” for an IKEA kitchen. IKDO created a functional and contemporary kitchen with beautiful SOFIELUND, ABSTRAKT and AVSIKT doors with a PRAGEL White Stone countertop for $6,941.27

This is the kitchen before IKDO’s re-design.

IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

An ordinary, outdated kitchen.


What is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at this kitchen? Clutter!  There are many small appliances over the counter, lots of food containers, spice cans, bottles, baskets… Not only that, there are more problem areas:

IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

There’s very little counter space left to work or prepare meals.


IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

The kitchen looks smaller with too many wall cabinets and a crowded ceiling. Also, the cabinets already look outdated and too dark.


IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

There are too many appliances.


As you can see, this kitchen could use some improvement. Here are the changes that made a big difference:

  • An open layout: less wall cabinets, open shelves and glass to make the kitchen look bigger and modern.
  • Functional corner shelves:the kitchen keeps an open look with LACK shelves used for this space. This is a nice touch that allows storage not to be wasted. It’s a practical solution.
IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

A great idea: open shelves at a corner.


  • Contemporary door styles: We used ABSTRAKT horizontal white cabinets, AVSIKT horizontal wall cabinets with aluminum glass doors and SOFIELUND base cabinets with a horizontal wood grain.
  • Tall cabinets at a previously-unused space:We surrounded the fridge with tall cabinets, making room for a much-needed pantry.
  • Less appliances, more space:The double wall oven was removed and the cooktop was changed to a full stove. The microwave is now placed on a base cabinet at the sink wall.
  • Open cabinet as a spice cabinet: We used the PERFEKT open shelves small unit that IKEA offers by including them at the end of the run and at one side of the range.
  • Smart panel use: The range hood is cleverly concealed behind PERFEKT panels.


The final design looks like this:

IKEA Kitchen remodel – Before After – Project 17

A modern IKEA kitchen fit for a magazine.


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