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Glass Front Kitchen CabinetsYou’ve selected the cabinets, poured over counter top options and finally found the perfect flooring for your new kitchen. The lighting is in place, you’ve fallen in love with the perfect countertop accessories, and you are now left with the kitchen cabinet hardware. This can be the most difficult decision of the entire project. You want it to look fantastic, and the hundreds of options can start to overwhelm you. Here are a few items to consider when making this important decision.

Simplify Your Life, Match the Materials

If you like simplicity, then cabinet hardware is relatively straightforward. The simplest thing you can do is match the hardware to your kitchen faucet or other appliances. If you have brushed stainless steel throughout the room, then you cannot go wrong with brushed stainless pulls and handles. If you opted for steel with wonderful brass highlights on the faucet, then you should pick up that golden color and go for brass knobs.

Incredible Beautiful Glass

If you’ve fallen in love with glass tiles for the backsplash, then consider incorporating glass into the cabinets. Glass knobs traditionally feature rounded pulls, but you can now choose circular or rectangular glass discs that are stunning and unique. Available in hot colors like light pink, deep aqua, lilac and cobalt blue, you can pick up the colors of your glass Glass Front Kitchen Cabinetstiles. Choose drawer pulls with curved handles or straight lines to further highlight the glass accents in your kitchen.

If you have a modern kitchen with sleek lines and glossy cabinets, then glass can be the ideal solution. Available with flat edges, clean angles and smooth lines, it’s a lovely accent to contemporary styles. However, you can also choose glass pulls designed to look like roses. The perfect accent to any romantic kitchen, they will add a wonderful feminine feel with their soft and inviting shapes and colors.

Drawer Pulls With Unique Touches

From straight lines to rounded curves and even delicate scrolls, there are countless pulls to consider when designing your new kitchen. Dress the hardware visually by choosing pieces that blend two different types of metal, or look for pulls with textural additions like delicate grooves or feminine twists. The hardware is the jewelry for your cabinets, and you can use it to make the room feel more traditional, romantic or contemporary. Small and sleek handles are popular, but bolder pieces can also add a wonderful touch to your kitchen.

Engraved Looks for Interest

Engraved knobs and pulls add interest and beauty to your cabinets. Delicate engraving lends the kitchen a more traditional feel, or you can make the room more intimate and romantic with your engraved selections. The raised appearance and fine details give the room a special touch that will delight you every time you open a cabinet or drawer.

When shopping for the hardware for your kitchen, take your time with the search. Look for beautiful selections that will add grace and style to the room. With the right hardware, you can make your contemporary kitchen more stunning and lend a beautiful and elegant feel to your traditional décor. Match the metals throughout the kitchen for consistency, and consider adding light and beauty with glass pulls and knobs. There are countless options to choose from, so you can create the perfect look for your stunning kitchen.

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