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Cherry CabinetsYour cherry kitchen cabinets are on order, and you cannot wait to get them installed. The next challenge is choosing countertops, flooring and accessories that will look incredible and highlight your beautiful cabinets.

Contrasting Colors Add Interest and Bring out the Color

You were drawn to the stunning red tones in the cherry wood, so choose contrasting colors for your countertop and flooring to bring out the magnificent hues. While stark white might be too bold, a lovely cream is relaxing and visually stunning.

When considering the flooring, look to tiles that will play off the shades of red and bring more attention to them. Tan with an undertone of red or light shades of brown are excellent choices. Cream will work beautifully, but you should try to incorporate some throw rugs in darker colors to break up the space and help blend the overall design.

Black is an Option

It’s said that black goes with everything, and that includes the red of your beautiful cherry kitchen cabinets. A black countertop will lend the room a modern feel while maintaining an overall traditional look. It’s a sleek and clean option that will keep the focus on your gorgeous cabinets. It’s also a unique look because most people don’t think to pair black with cherry.

Go for Bold Accessories

There’s nothing understated about cherry cabinets. They are beautiful and bold, traditional and elegant. They will look Kitchen Islandsgreat with bold colored accessories like royal blue cutting boards, sleek red tea kettles and other brightly colored accessories. One of the great features of cherry is that almost every color looks great with it, so this is your chance to really show off your unique style.

Light Colored Walls

You do want to take care when painting the walls of your kitchen. You don’t want your beautiful dark cabinets to blend in with the walls and start to vanish. Make sure that your cabinets show up and stand out by choosing lighter shades for the walls. You don’t have to settle for white or even cream, but a light blue or even gentle yellow will look amazing. Despite the red undertones of cherry, this wood looks fantastic with almost every color from pale slate or soft green to bold blues and even red.


You want to bring out the red hues of your cabinets and show off their beauty, so invest in quality lighting for the kitchen. Spotlights will draw attention to cabinets with glass doors, and you can highlight the cabinets by using recessed lights set just in front of the cabinet doors. Consider adding lights beneath the upper cabinets for a soft glow and work lighting where you need it most.

Matching Cherry Accessories to Maintain the Theme

If possible, work in some accessories that closely match your cabinet color. Matching area rugs for the sink and stove will add visual appeal and draw more attention to the color of your cabinets. A tile backsplash with a few matching tiles sprinkled into the pattern will look incredible. Consider a cutting board that closely matches the cabinets to break up the space on your counters. If you have bar stools, consider choosing an upholstery that closely matches the cabinets to tie everything together.

Your cherry cabinets will look incredible in the kitchen, but you can make them even more attractive with the right additions. Use bold colors in your accessories to personalize the space. Look for contrasting shades on the floor and counters to maintain balance and keep the attention on your stunning counters. Utilize lighting to show off the incredible wood grain, and choose lighter shades for the walls to prevent the cabinets from blending into the background.

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