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Oak Kitchen CabinetsOak cabinets are attractive, durable and timeless. When the finish starts to wear down, you can always refinish them to restore their shine and beauty. If your decorative tastes have moved away from simple wood stains to embrace more detailed finishes, here are a few ideas you might want to consider for your kitchen.

Country Charm with Distressed Cabinets

Oak is a hard wood with nice grain making oak cabinets a good choice for this treatment. Distressed cabinets look charming, match your casual décor and bring depth and dimension to any cabinet. Start by sanding the cabinets to remove the glossy top coat. Paint the cabinets white, cream or any other light color of your choice. If the wood grain is not deep, then you might want to consider using a nail to carve light scratches in the wood. Lightly brush on an antiquing glaze. Allow the glaze to soak into the wood grain, and then gently remove the excess using a damp rag. Allow a day for the glaze to dry. Sand the cabinets gently with 400-grit sandpaper before applying your protective top coat.

Folk Art for Whimsy and Style

If you’re handy with an artist’s brush, then consider adding some flair with folk art. Paint the cabinets a crisp, solid color before painting on your chosen pattern. Even if you can’t paint a leaf or follow directions to make a flower, you can find countless stencils to add style and class to your cabinets with whimsical folk art.

A Touch of Color with Beautiful Glaze

If you love the idea of adding a hint of color but still want the wood grain to show through, then a quart of glaze is your best choice. Mix the glaze with your chosen color to Oak Kitchen Cabinetsachieve a translucent appearance. Apply a light coat to your cabinets to add the feeling of a blue sky or a warm summer day without burying the wood grain you love.

Antiqued Finishes for Two-Tone Beauty

Combine paint and stain to create a phenomenal antiqued look for your kitchen cabinets. Sand the wood to remove the glossy finish, and then paint it smooth using a sponge roller. Once the paint is completely dry, use rough sandpaper to remove small sections of paint. You don’t want to go all the way to the wood, but you do want to create clear scratches in the paint. Remove all dust with tack paper, and then go over the entire project with a light coat of wood stain. Immediately rub the stain off, allow it to dry and the protect the project with a top layer of polyurethane.

Consider Hardware Carefully

Choose hardware that will compliment your new finish. Choose colors that will bring out the deeper shades in your new cabinets, or opt for something bright and shiny to make the cabinets seem lighter and brighter. With the right hardware, you can drastically change the look of your cabinets and achieve the perfect new style for your home.

The beauty of oak is that it will last for decades and you can update it any time. If your cabinets are looking worn and need a face lift, don’t automatically reach for a basic wood stain. You can transform your traditional cabinets into something modern and wonderful with the right combination of paints, stains and fun techniques.

DirectBuy offers cabinets of all types for your kitchen. When you’re ready to purchase new cabinets, regardless of your taste in style and finish, DirectBuy offers the selection and the savings to help you create a beautiful kitchen design.

Ideas to Help You Update Oak Cabinets

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