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Kitchen FurnitureIn many ways, home design ideas are just like fashion trends in that styles from the past reappear in a slightly altered state as new trends. On the other hand, there’s always something different that comes along to entice you to bravely adopt a new concept when choosing a kitchen design. It’s that combination of factors that makes kitchen cabinet trends so diverse and interesting.

Kitchen Furniture

One of the popular kitchen cabinet trends is to include furniture in your kitchen. Furniture pieces were often included in kitchens in the early 1900s. Today, the furniture that is added is sometimes reminiscent of the buffets, hutches and sideboards often seen in vintage kitchen designs. However, a new twist on kitchen furniture involves ideas such as placing freestanding furniture at the end of an island. A table with a turned or spindle leg design could very appropriately be placed at the end of a row of cabinets. For an even more trendy idea, you can use a large, simplistically styled table as an alternative to the typical kitchen island cabinet.

Kitchen Storage

Every kitchen needs ample storage space in order to function effectively. The trend toward smaller homes often means a smaller kitchen. One way to maximize the amount of storage Kitchen Cabinet Colorsspace in a small kitchen is to include floor to ceiling cabinets in one area of the kitchen. To keep a wall of cabinets from looking boring, you can design it with all glass or frosted glass door front. If that’s too extreme for you, mix solid front with glass fronts. Illuminating the interior of the glass front cabinets or adding mirrored tile inside the cabinet is a clever design tactic for making your small kitchen look more spacious.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

White continues to be a consistently chosen color for kitchen cabinets. Gray is emerging as an alternative to white. Gray can be used in almost any kitchen decor and it has the ability to accept and complement numerous accent color choices. Choosing a different color for top and bottom cabinets or having an island that is a different color from the cabinets has also become a trendy kitchen design idea.

Something New

High gloss cabinetry is an up and coming trend. High gloss black, white or gray acrylic cabinets are ideal for modern and contemporary kitchen designs. If you don’t want to give up the beauty that wood cabinets bring to a kitchen decor, you can choose cabinets with a high gloss lacquer that gives them a stunning, glossy sheen.

You can choose to design your kitchen using vintage ideas with a more current twist or opt for a kitchen with cabinets designs that are a totally new concept. Whatever your preference, keep in mind the most important factor in your decisions is how well your ideas fit your budget and how practical your choices are for your lifestyle.

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