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Cleaning Hickory Kitchen CabinetsHickory wood is a beautiful and durable choice for your kitchen. The various color shades are a lovely addition to the home, and the solid wood will last for decades if they are treated properly. Some people worry that hickory kitchen cabinets will take on a yellowish hue over time, and this is a legitimate concern. However, countering that yellow color is easier than you might think.

Dry Cleaning

Start by rubbing the cabinets down with a soft, dry cloth. Try to use white to help gauge how much dirt and grease is currently on the cabinets. Remember that hickory wood has natural striations, so the coloring you see may be a normal part of the wood and not yellowing due to dirt. This will also help you pinpoint areas that are particularly dirty and need a little extra attention. Find a selection of quality wood cabinets.

Gentle Homemade Cleaner

Make a homemade cabinet cleaner using lukewarm water, a few drops of quality dishwashing detergent and a capful of an all-purpose cleaner. Stir the solution and then soak a cloth in it to clean the cabinets. Wring the rag out to avoid using too much liquid on the wood. After cleaning a small section, rinse the cloth out in the cleaning solution again. Replace the cleaning solution as needed. Work across the cabinets methodically, and remember to wipe down the insides of the cabinets as Cleaning Hickory Kitchen Cabinetswell as the exterior.

Rinse with Fresh Water

Using a fresh cloth, gently rinse the cabinets using lukewarm tap water. Wring the cloth out frequently to remove excess water and avoid soaking the cabinets. This will remove all traces of the chemical from your hickory cabinets. When you need to rinse the cabinets, use fresh water from the tap to avoid putting any residual chemicals back on your cabinets.

Dry the Cabinets

Use a fresh cloth to clean the cabinets and leave them sparkling. This takes care of any residual moisture and prevents water spots from developing. Using the dry cloth also ensures that any residual cleaners and dirt are effectively cleaned away.

Add Shine with Polish

Once the cabinets are thoroughly cleaned, you can add a beautiful shine to them with a little furniture polish. Use a natural polish such as beeswax to nourish the wood, add shine and protect the cabinets in the future. Buff away the excess polish to keep your cabinets shining and looking new.

Your hickory cabinets are an investment in your home and kitchen. They are durable and unique. Whether you choose a combination of heart and sapwood for the color variations or you go with a monochromatic theme, you want the cabinets to look their best for years to come. Avoid yellowing and a build-up of dirt by cleaning your cabinets thoroughly to keep them looking like new.

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