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This is my very own kitchen.  The room is an addition to the house which has floor to ceiling sliding glass doors in the family room side.  In the kitchen, I opted to not have any windows with the exception of the clear story windows above the pantry.  To be able to obtain the design, it was necessary to not have windows in the kitchen (not a good view on that side of the house as well).  

Thoughts on my own kitchen 

To make up for the lack of natural light in the kitchen, I added back painted full glass panels on the backsplash.  The color is a light yellow/green, so, when the hood and under cabinet lights are  turned on, the entire backsplash glows!  In order to get outlets on the backsplash, I added a fairly high, about 9" backsplash of the honed black absolute granite in which the black outlets were installed.  The island also has the same black granite, but, it's also surrounded with wenge butcher block.  A sliding butcher block board can slide over the sink to increase counter space when needed. 

The pantries not only store food but they also house the steam/convection oven and microwave.  When in use, the doors bifold and slide back so that the entire space can be opened and left open during food preparation.  Putting the counter inside this pantry allows me to store and use some countertop appliances in there as well.  The custom hood lines up with the ceiling beams and is very wide and spacious to accomodate the 36" gas cooktop, deep fryer and grill/griddle. 

This kitchen isn't a really large one, yet, it stores all I need and functions beautifully.  A medium sized kitchen is all that one needs, and, they are more functional since it isn't necessary to cover a lot of ground when preparing dinner and when cleaning up!

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