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Kitchen cabinets are a large part of any home and you should put plenty of thought into making them fit the style and decor of the space. Although there are many different materials you can choose, wood is the preferred material for kitchen cabinets in many homes today. If you plan to refinish the wooden cabinets in your own home, then here are the most popular wooden kitchen cabinet finishes to choose from:

Stained Wood

This option is a great choice if you have wooden cabinets with a visible grain and obvious knots or twists. A stain is an opaque solution that lets you see the beauty of the wood while giving it a darker sheen.

Wood Kitchen CabinetsPainted Wood

Painted wooden cabinets look great in almost every style of home. Whether you choose traditional white cabinets in a rustic home or bright red cabinets in a contemporary kitchen, this style is timeless and can fit your home decor.

Distressed Wood

This process involves damaging the wooden cabinets with tools to make it look vintage. Then the cabinets are dusted and glazed to protect the uneven surface.

Any of these three wooden kitchen cabinet finishes would look great in your home.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets with Sleek Lines

You may think that stainless steel only has one side to show, but it actually offers a great deal when it comes to kitchen cabinets.  If you love the versatility of stainless steel, here are just a few of the options you can choose when adding it to your kitchen.Stainless Steel Cabinets

Square edges, sleek lines and a smooth look are waiting for you when you choose stainless.  Whether you choose brushed stainless for interest or high polish for smooth style, you will love how easy they are to clean and how great they look.

Glass Doors in Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Glass offsets the harshness of steel and softens it.  When looking at steel cabinets, consider options with clear or frosted glass panels in the doors.  It’s a slightly traditional feel on a modern element, proving that you have a spark of creativity that makes you proud.

The high polish of steel and durability of these cabinets make them a fine choice for any contemporary home.  An investment in your kitchen, you can soften the harsh steel with beautiful frosted glass.  Whether you choose straight lines of smooth steel or opt to break it up with glass, you are sure to love your new stainless cabinets.

Metal cabinets are a great touch for the kitchen, especially if you are pursuing a contemporary feel. Whether you are trying to salvage vintage cabinets or are considering buying some new ones, consider some of these trendy finishing techniques to make them look great.

Painted Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Spray paint or regular paint will refresh the color and make the cabinets look like new. Consider using oil based paints for incredible shine, a smooth finish and a surface that will be easy to clean. Choose brilliant red for a jazzy look or stick with subdued silver or white for a calming feel.

Embrace the Nature of Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Let the beauty of the metal show through by leaving the cabinets bare. The look is sleek and the bare metal will be gorgeous. Polish it using steel wool to bring out the shine. Protect it with a coating of polyurethane or varnish for cabinets that are pure and beautiful.

Whether you love the look of metal or just want to preserve cabinets you already have, painting the cabinets is a smart way to achieve a great look. Choose a color you love or embrace the true look of metal and finish it with a clear coat. Whichever one you choose, the finished look is sure to be fabulous.

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Which Cabinet Type Works for You – Wood or Metal?

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