Black Bean and Quinoa Mexican-Style Chipotle Vegetarian Chili

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed For someone as enamored of Mexican food as myself, it's rather surprising I suppose that I've seriously acquainted myself with chipotle peppers only this past year. Sure, I've used canned chipotles in adobo sauce on an occasion or two, but the adobo sauce quite overwhelmed any appreciation I might have gained for the...

Quinoa Granola

Remember way back when (Dec 2011), when I posted a recipe called Toasted Quinoa Granola? Today's recipe (another recipe I did for NYNR) is inspired by that very post!  This time, It's a bit more colorful and definitely just as tasty!'s grain free. And gluten free. And dairy free. and.....paleo? Is it paleo? I'm not sure, I think ...
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