Steak Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing

  Authors: DinnerTonight I think we'd rate this 3.5 stars. I made the following modifications: added carrots, used creamy italian dressing and romaine lettuce, grilled the steak on the BBQ. The steak was a lot spicier than I expected, which was nice. I'm not sure creamy italian was the right dressing...although I'm not sure ranch

Skillet Chicken Souvlaki

  Authors: DinnerTonight I have made changes to this recipe but we do enjoy this dish. I added extra seasonings (garlic, oregano, lemon juice, etc) to the chicken. Trader Joe's Tazkiki sauce works well in a pinch when you don't have time to make the sauce. I serve the sandwiches in Trader Joe's garlic naans, with romaine lettuce, feta
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