The Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Authors: dudefoods Last month I came up with the idea for a grilled cheese sandwich that was made completely out of cheese. I absolutely loved it, but it’s always tough guessing how other people will react to the ridiculous stuff I make. In this case though it appears that everyone else that saw the sandwich approved of it as well, as stories about ...

The Bacon Weave Breakfast Burrito

Authors: dudefoods What do you do when you want a breakfast burrito, you’re out of tortillas and you have a freezer full of Nueske’s bacon? You grab a pound of it, weave it into a giant square and use that instead! Alright, so it wasn’t quite that easy, but in the end my bacon weave breakfast burrito still turned out even better than I’d hoped for. A ...
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