Fresh Mint Shake

A Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s will cost you some serious calories and fat. A 12-fluid ounce portion (the smallest size) has a whopping 530 calories and 15 grams of fat, not to mention all the highly-processed sweeteners and artificial colors. Try this fresher and lighter version instead. Bonus: you can make it all year long; the fast-food...

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed You might think that healthy and cookie don't go together in the same bite, but in this case I assure you that they do. Very little sugar is included in this batch of goodness, and if you use a good quality natural peanut butter without added sugar, and only a scattering of chocolate chips, your tummy won't be...
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No Croutons Required - Leftovers


No Croutons Required - Leftovers

Authors: lisa' s kitchen feed The theme for January was to get creati...

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