Crab Salad and Sourdough Panini

Authors: elise Post navigation « Buffalo Wings | Recipe Home | Old Bay Chicken Wings » Are you ready for game day? I don’t usually get too worked up about the Super Bowl, in fact, it’s usually a great time to shopping, no traffic! But this year is different. This year, Superbowl XLVII, pits two great teams against each other, each coa ...

Chicken Machaca

Authors: HealthyByDesign Enjoy our version of a healthy, delicious alternative to the typical fatty, beef machaca found at many Mexican restaurants.  To spice things up, use medium-hot canned chilies.  Topping a crisp salad is our favorite way of enjoying this low fat, spicy......
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Rainbow Crepe Cake


Rainbow Crepe Cake

  First, round up your ingredients. We’re going to use Bisquick as th...

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Crab Salad and Sourdough Panini
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